Beauty in the Dark

My taste in music is unconventional. People have been telling me for a very long time that music that moves me is wierd or hard to enjoy. This saddens me deeply, so I am giving you that out before you read this or anything else I write about music.

Today I am all about Recoil’s 2000 album, Liquid. I am a big fan of the spoken-word delivery of most of the tracks, and a big fan of the electronica that is the basis of it all—though in the style of music it is most certainly a product of its time. The staccato percussion and the deep, groovy bass is a wonderful counterpoint to the smooth, stylish, and sometimes whispered vocals.

I went to check the wikipedia entry for the album release date and was astonished as I had forgotten about all of the collaborators who contributed their art.

My favorite track by far is called Want. It features words written by performance artist or “broken word” performer Nicole Blackman. It speaks of desire, but reaches deeply and frankly into our darkness. It gives voice to thoughts we might otherwise chase away.

In 2010 Recoil released remixed versions of Want and Jezebel from the Liquid album (which thrilled me to no end) as well as an arresting video set to my favorite remix version. The video has a compelling narrative of its own, which is not about the lyric, but which comes from the same dark territory.

Want (Renegade of Noise 808)

Want (album version)

If you can find beauty in the darkness, you may really love the tracks. If I’ve lost you, I’ve probably really lost you.

Hjalmer Duenow @hjalm