Sometimes You Already Have the Tool You're Looking For

Today I learned, or maybe I relearned, that the reason there aren’t Word or Excel templates for an hourly look at your week’s schedule is because Outlook offers that as one of the ways to print your own calendar.

On the Mac, I found the version of the weekly calendar from the Calendar app to be superior to the wierd, unfinished output in the first-ring version of Outlook 2016 I’m running there.

My quest was driven by my newish habit of carrying a dot-grid notebook. With it, I’m doing much better at task capture than without it. And,yes, I know: there are a thousand so-called Bullet Journal (BuJo) bloggers and vloggers with lots of decorative and/or practical layouts I could draw trace or tape into my journal.

But, if, instead, I can simply print from an application I have open all-day, every-day, then I feel like that is a win.

It would be more perfect if I could print on A4, but I will take what I can get.

Hjalmer Duenow @hjalm