With cucumber and habañero

Heat lightning. Storm in video is between Northfield and Redwing, Minnesota. Visible from Conway neighborhood in St. Paul. 83% humidity on a hot Summer night. Jupiter presiding.

Hogwarts Clock Tower, Grand Finale. Including Yule Ball


Hogwarts Clock Tower, including clock face and dormitory


Hogwarts Clock Tower, phase four. Including Professor Moody’s office


Hogwarts Clock Tower phase three. I did not expect the Tri-Wizard Cup, nor the chest containing the real “Mad-Eye” Moody


Hogwarts Clock Tower phase two including bath and Dumbledore’s office

Building the Hogwarts Clock Tower kit

Assembly complete, including concessions (note chocolate frog) and dementor.

Build now including coal tender and Hermione

Hogwarts Express engine

Kings Cross station as imagined by LEGO. Including Harry, Ron, Scabbers (the rat), and Professor Lupin.

Lake Phalen, Saint Paul, MN

Water Lantern Festival

I’m not a man of means, but I can do this.

Sometimes, the tankard of coffee is what you need.

Starting the season with new wheels!

It has been a long time, Florida. Thanks for being kind.

Status. #HDIConf #RobertVanWinkle

Status: Neither here nor there

Science Museum of Minnesota

I still love dinosaurs!

A mantra, for when you need it

Possibly my favorite snack in the whole world.

Playing in the snow