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Memorial Day

I wish I could tell you more about him. He was my mother’s mother’s brother, a great uncle, but I never met him. My grandmother said she called him “Jumbo,” and she was hoping I would take to the same nickname. As an awkward preteen at the time, I didn’t want to be associated with being overweight. I didn’t hear the love in her request. From what I understand, he was 28 when killed in Germany.

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Have spent some time on Animal Crossing, now I’m starting to look around at what others have done.

Animal Crossing New Horizons  Map and Dream Address DA-3459-2622-7968

Got this from a long-time colleague at work this morning. I’m the best. I’m modest. And I don’t brag. Honestly, though, need to work to meet that.

This was taped to the outside of my cube one morning. I’m proud of my beard’s accomplishments

Air travel is still amazing. This morning I was in New Jersey. Posting this from my living room in St. Paul, MN. First pic is proof I was there from a friend. Second shot is my favorite of the day.

Aurora Borealis, images taken before midnight on March 23, 2023

Surgery complete. Magnetic joysticks from GuliKit, buttons from ExtremeRate, plus tools and manuals from iFixit. I wish the buttons were a better color match to the Joycons, but it is uniquely mine, now.

Do not love wearing a mask. But Doc says “Do.” #CheckUp

House was born in 1947. Not zero risk of lead-based paint.

Demo for renovation starting soon.