This is from a selfie my daughter took with her iPod. The Photos widget in iOS presented my the cropped version highlighting her face. I was really struck by the light and shadow.

“…The shifting shafts of shining weave the fabric of their dreams.”

Sunrise, Kill Devil Hills, NC

Scrapple with breakfast. Cheer wine with dinner.

We are not in Minnesota.

Found my bike helmet. It’s about twenty years old, by now, but never suffered an impact. Working on getting back in the saddle.

This includes my Dad’s favorite chair in a favorite room.

I took this shot, visiting my mom, a few months after he passed away in 2015.

Naturally, the Photos widget chose Father’s Day 2021 to present it to me from all the images it could have picked.

To all the fathers, to all the people who have fathers, to all the people contemplating becoming fathers, this day is richly varied, emotionally. I’m sure my experiences and yours overlap at least a little. I feel you.

If anything, being a father has shown me so many ways to improve who I am and what I do in the world. It is supremely humbling.

On this day, I wish you peace, joy, and love.

Second dose acquired.

The Vaccination, Part II: Return to House Pfizer

15-minute wait after first vaccination. This place is huge and I appreciate the clear mobilization of the National Guard to make this work

When the wind makes it feel colder than it is… 15 degrees Fahrenheit

Tonight’s project. I actually thought for some time that I had been shorted one critical piece. Then I had to backtrack when I learned I had used an extra piece in error.

Saturday: Living room re-arranged
Sunday: Tree selected and placed
Monday: Cranberry and popcorn garlands strung
Tuesday: Garlands, lights and ornaments hung

Soundtrack: Mannheim Steamroller

What I have realized is that photos can’t capture thoughts or feelings. Not exactly. They don’t capture the love we feel, the joy of a certain moment, the sense of place we may feel, or a feeling of belonging with family or friends. They just capture the light in the moment the shutter is released by causing a chemical reaction in a film or sensors in an array to record their states.

In this, photographs lie to us by showing an objective truth.

The image evokes recollection, or the image transports us through time, or invites us into a new way of seeing, challenges notions or perspectives.

The art in photography is that it makes us think and feel, even though our thoughts and feelings may only be loosely related to the subjects of our gazes.

All this from photons, transformed, in the tiniest slices of time.

When I snapped this image, I had been enjoying the contrast of the dark tree limbs against the orange and amber of the sunset.

By the time it occurred to me to attempt to capture it, launch my camera app on my phone, and frame an image I hoped might not be hideous, the sky changed.

The image doesn’t show any of that. Just an amateurish shot by someone who intended well.

But I remember.

My Big Sur experience since noon today on my non-beta (10.15.7) laptop

The first James Bond movie I remember seeing, on TV, in the late 1970s, was You Only Live Twice. It starred Sean Connery. Therefore, for me, he is the true Bond.

I enjoyed his part in The Untouchables. His line “Enough of this running shit!” will live forever in my brain.

Dead Leaf Echo

Listened to Dead Leaf Echo tonight for the first time, via Apple Music. Their recent full-length album Beyond.Desire is there as well as several EPs and a much earlier LP. Possibly their full catalog is on Bandcamp.

The sound was in a sweet spot for me. I heard sounds that reminded me of Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, Love and Rockets, Kitchens of Distinction, Bailter Space, and others. When I read of all the bands they have toured with, I was disappointed I hadn’t listened to them sooner. God bless streaming music!

I will likely be collecting their sounds.

See also: ætherial

I remember loving Pointcast and installing it on home and work computers. At the time I also loved HotBot and Internet Explorer and WIRED Magazine and A Declaration of the Independance of Cyberspace.

And Techno.

image of PointCast UI circa late 1990s

Made it all the way through. It seems like this iteration is less “white” or “bright” than the first public beta. UI still feels fresh but more familiar.

Proceeds like an iOS update with lots of time set aside for processing

Total size is about (?) 5 Gigs smaller than the first beta

Technology Nostalgic: Tape Deck

Aiwa AD-F350U

Used a tape deck very much like the one pictured here. It was the first audio equipment I purchased. It played through a little amplifier I purchased in kit form and assembled in a high-school electronics class.

I dubbed many, many records from friends. Listened to hundreds of albums purchased new on cassette. Thousands of hours of my life are connected to this. Such an 80s artifact. It survived into the early 2000s but one too many lightning strikes to the power grid took it out. Still have the library of aging cassettes.

For two decades, this was a critical furnishing in any of my living spaces.

Listening to older music makes me think of the past.

The internet did not disappoint me. I was able to triangulate and find an image of the very model I used to own.

My progress bar has stopped moving but my Mac has continued to download additional data #beta #BigSur #macOS

It’s here! Got myself a birthday present from @schoolstoic

One of my favorite photos, from June 2010.


I cannot say they made no attempt to notify me. #StaySafeMN

RTO or Return to Office is what my company is calling it. We are at 10 percent staffing on-site, with the remainder doing remote work. I wear a mask away from my desk, and there are many limits in place throughout the facility. #CubeLife #CivilianMaskCorps #StaySafeMN

Return to Office

I have continued to work as part of a skeleton crew staff (I manage a desktop support team) throughout the pandemic. Today my state has opened in some small ways and I will see a small number of additional coworkers. I was gifted with hand sanitizer, a reusable and some disposable masks, and an insulated lunch bag.

So, yeah. I’m on the east side of St. Paul and I’m lucky not much has come close to me. But I started to cry when I saw this advice on screen.

Here is the full list

  • Be off the streets at 8:00 p.m.
  • Be aware of suspicious activities/groups
  • Be aware of large gatherings
  • Call 911 if you are witnessing suspicious activity
  • Remove anything from your lawn that could be flammable or a projectile through a window
  • Store dumpsters in your garage or move to hidden area in back yard. Consider wetting down the inside contents if they have to be left outside in view.
  • Keep LIGHTS ON and some windows open to hear noises that may be approaching. (use caution with windows that may be easily asked from the ground)
  • Have an escape plan and a to-go bag (remember to take along any medicines you may need)
  • If you need to be outside wear headlamp, bright colors and reflective clothing
  • Charge cell phones. Cell towers might go out
  • Have alternative ways to communicate with your neighbors and help them to make a plan in case things do get bad.
  • Have garden hoses ready and untangled for possible use.
  • Check your flood lights; door lights; KEEP THEM ON.
  • Soak down wood fences and surfaces
  • If you have a Little Free Library-empty it.
  • If you have a fire extinguisher-get it ready
  • Check on each other-especially older neighbors, and the vulnerable.
  • For those who choose to stand outside, watching homes or businesses, do not confront anyone. Call 911, call another neighbor to be with you.

Just unboxed this Macally keyboard and I’m already a fan!

Put together an IKEA Hemnes chest of drawers. Only needed these simple tools, six hours, and six hands.

One last re-watch of The Polar Express before… Mama and Poppa perform elven magic

I played with a logo generator which worked by combining words, images, fonts and colors in many ways.

For free, it allowed me to download a 200x200 pixel image file of the combination that amused me the most.

My first thought was “What is casting that shadow?” Then I realized it was most likely caused by a plane flying though the clouds.

New haircut. New glasses. And the cutest photo bomber in the world.

Have paid notice to this word. Heard it a lot in a single podcast recently.

Notice how and when you hear it.

Heat lightning. Storm in video is between Northfield and Redwing, Minnesota. Visible from Conway neighborhood in St. Paul. 83% humidity on a hot Summer night. Jupiter presiding.

Hogwarts Clock Tower, Grand Finale. Including Yule Ball


Hogwarts Clock Tower, including clock face and dormitory


Hogwarts Clock Tower, phase four. Including Professor Moody’s office


Hogwarts Clock Tower phase three. I did not expect the Tri-Wizard Cup, nor the chest containing the real “Mad-Eye” Moody


Hogwarts Clock Tower phase two including bath and Dumbledore’s office

Assembly complete, including concessions (note chocolate frog) and dementor.

Kings Cross station as imagined by LEGO. Including Harry, Ron, Scabbers (the rat), and Professor Lupin.

Lake Phalen, Saint Paul, MN

Water Lantern Festival

Sometimes, the tankard of coffee is what you need.

It has been a long time, Florida. Thanks for being kind.

Photo Challenge: Day 1 of 7

Groceries are laid in. Let the snow begin.

Mama’s researching kombucha. Poppa’s listening to music. Sofia’s playing fetch with Gram’s dog Louie.

I don’t have an ugly Christmas sweater, but I did find this hat… @chrisgzuger

My mom always used to sing “Over the River and Through the Woods” when we drove to her mother’s home in Wisconsin. Now it’s my turn as I drive my daughter to my mother’s home.

First time listening to vinyl in these many long years. Bought the turntable a long time ago. Finally have the right space for it.

Going to learn about how an iPhone and a Kindle Fire work with an external keyboard.

Sending good thoughts forward and hoping for the best good. It’s a privilege to be in a position to help.

First exercise set is to get the equipment in place. Test pilot Sofia confirms all systems operational.

So happy I found this! It’s a magazine logo from another era… #Mondo2000 #wereapiratemindstation #howfastareyouhowdense #findtheothers

“Odin will not save you but he will give you inspiration and courage to save yourself…” I don’t remember where I first read, but I like it. #selfie #bearded #dramamuch

My first! I’m excited! #unimitsubishipencil #kurutoga

In the business parlance of our times, I have some “deltas” or “do-betters”

Brand new journal #leuchtturm1917 #startatthebeginning

Oh look, it it’s finally at the log in screen. But, wait, no! No it is not …

It’s not #snowmagedon, but we planned ahead with provisions and are cocooning this weekend. #mnwx

Morning cuppa. Thank you, @joelgroethe #apisupply #apisupplylifts

Springtime. More than eight inches of snow today, because Minnesota. #mnwx #stpaul #bearded #beardstagram #theboldnorth