I was unable to beard any longer

Almost showtime

My latest gadget. I have work to do.

Status: Poppa and Daughter Dinner


The Grid


One last re-watch of The Polar Express before… Mama and Poppa perform elven magic

Step two completed: lights on the tree.

Step three? Snacks

First meeting with Santa achieved!

A conversation with The Man Himself

Waiting to see Santa. Waiting is hard.

I played with a logo generator which worked by combining words, images, fonts and colors in many ways.

For free, it allowed me to download a 200x200 pixel image file of the combination that amused me the most.

My first thought was “What is casting that shadow?” Then I realized it was most likely caused by a plane flying though the clouds.



New haircut. New glasses. And the cutest photo bomber in the world.

I am grateful for magic. Happy Halloween!

Sommer, Ann, Sofia—Three generations

Have paid notice to this word. Heard it a lot in a single podcast recently.

Notice how and when you hear it.

Preparing her projectile launcher #dinnerdate #culvers #waiting


With cucumber and habañero

Heat lightning. Storm in video is between Northfield and Redwing, Minnesota. Visible from Conway neighborhood in St. Paul. 83% humidity on a hot Summer night. Jupiter presiding.