Good Ideas

Trying Out

Apple Airpods Pro Absolutely the best pairing experience I’ve had (I use lots of bluetooth). Wonderful integration with iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook Air. They sound great and are very comfortable. I love the Transparency feature. The software for pairing seems to prioritize my iPhone. While watching videos from a course I purchased, my MacBook switched back to internal speakers every time I paused playback for a conversation with others in the room with me.

Macally BTSOLARKEYSG Keyboard: It’s full-sized, connects via Bluetooth, and recharges from ambient light. In two months I have used it on alternate weekdays working from home. I have not specifically put it anywhere to get more light to charge. The signal is strong. It does turn off frequently to save energy but does not disconnect while I’m actively using it. That energy-saving time-out is not user-selectable or changeable, which, throughout a work day, results in lost characters and a little re-typing.

Timbuk2 Custom Classic Messenger Bag On order


Apple Hardware: I am a fan of their quality, their apparent protection of individual privacy, and their outward embrace of technology and creativity. It took me a long time to understand Apple’s way and why, but I am fully supportive of their mission. I appreciate knowing the device I purchase today will receive support for a very long while. While Apple stays on the current path, I will walk it with them.

Comply Foam Tips: I have used and preferred these to traditional silicone tips for in-ear listening for about the last ten years. I was turned on to them by an Apple sales engineer. In my experience, they remain more comfortable than silicone for extended use. The offer superior isolation and, perhaps as a result of better fit in my ears, the best audio that little buds are capable of, including better bass. I have purchased them even for my AirPods Pro. They may not have a perfect match for every earbud ever made, but they should have something that will work well.

Ironlace Shoelaces: They aren’t inexpensive but might come close to matching the lifespan of my shoes. These stay tied and they do not fray even with metal eyelets, D-rings, or speed hooks. These are far more durable than traditional woven or leather laces.

Sketchers Cottonwood Elks Shoes. I’ve been wearing these for about a year and I like them. I have high arches so I need laces and I need a larger shoe than the length of my foot would suggest. This means every department store carries almost nothing that works for me. These look like Doc Martens, which I used to wear, but are half the price. More importantly, in snow they offer much better traction.

Victorinox Classic SD Pocket Knife: I always have several and I have for decades. One in my pocket, one in the medicine cabinet and often another spare. Easy to find at department stores. Inexpensive. The scissors are the killer feature. The knife blade is sharp and will get you into almost any box or package. WARNING: TSA will confiscate even these tiny knives.

Hjalmer Duenow @hjalm