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Good Ideas

Trying Out

  • Garzini Wallet: Just ordered. I’m using a minimalist card wallet right now that doesn’t handle paper currency very well and doesn’t quite manage my daily carry. Hoping to do just a little better. #Goldilocks
  • Ironlace Shoelaces: Trying two pairs. I don’t think I am particularly hard on shoelaces, but the shoes and boots I wear have metal eyelets. Looking for something that might come closer to matching the lifespan of my shoes.


  • Victorinox Classic SD Pocket Knife: I always have several and I have for decades. One in my pocket, one in the medicine cabinet and often another spare. Easy to find at department stores. Inexpensive. The scissors are the killer feature. The knife blade is sharp and will get you into almost any box or package. WARNING: TSA will confiscate even these tiny knives.
  • Sketchers Cottonwood Elks Shoes. I’ve been wearing these for about a year and I like them. I have high arches so I need laces and I need a larger shoe than the length of my foot would suggest. This means every department store carries almost nothing that works for me. These look like Doc Martens, which I used to wear, but are half the price. More importantly, in snow they offer much better traction.