Social Media

I have no answers. For now I’m going mute on Twitter. I did have a Twitter Blue subscription begun while Twitter was still publicly owned. I even agreed to the increased price for verification. I have cancelled this now since learning vox populi vox dei are the people who specifically follow Elon. Additionally, I have been learning from Elon’s words and actions.

My host,, supports ActivityPub, so my posts are federated to Mastodon, and I can follow folks whose accounts are similarly federated. I believe in supporting work like this, so I am using a paid account.

I’m hopeful that with open protocols, blockchains, federation and syndication, we can make something that works even better than the collection of for-profit islands we’re all on.

Meanwhile, I’m watching to see if we move on in constructive ways, and to where.


Camping out in another house for a few months while our primary residence is remodeled. We only had to move everything out of two floors of our small home, but we vastly underestimated the time and effort this would take. We made it out in time and the project has begin.

Questions remain: Which box does which useful item reside in? Do all of the items we packed deserve a place in our home once the remodel is complete?

The move has really held up a mirror to my attitudes about what I have believed I needed to keep versus what is giving me joy. I have brought a lot of baggage with me from residence to residence. As a result, I am resolved now to be intentional.


Working on being a better father. Unlearning and retraining myself is hard.

At the same time I am very grateful we found a school that fits my daughter better than the previous two, and we are learning how to better advocate for her.


I’m at a very good place, in the sense that I’m confident in my abilities and I really enjoy my role. My current challenges are building a team by elevating everyone, and learning to be a good mentor and manager for an intern.


I haven’t come to terms with my diabetes diagnosis. I’m not committing to the diet and exercise changes I need to make. I’m moving more, in general, eating better, in general, but not enough to compenstate for poor choices. I need to eat more fiber and eat fewer carbs. I’m having difficulty and I’m not proud of myself.

By comparison, avoiding wheat because of being Celiac seems easy.

My hearing is stable. Hearing in my left ear is greatly diminished but hasn’t changed in a year. And that ear is still more sensitive to loud noise.

I heave learned this is consistent with Vestibular Schwannomas, or Acoustic Neuromas. This means I have a small “benign” tumor in my head, which has caused nerve damage. My hearing will not return to what it was. The tumor hasn’t grown in the last 8 months. The good news is that it does not demand immediate surgical remediation. I’m in for annual MRI sessions to see if it remains stable or not. If not, then an intervention will be required.


I’m revisiting my ADHD diagnosis. Because I’m the Inattentive type of ADHD, I wasn’t diagnosed initially until I was 27, back in the 1990s. I thought I knew a lot about what that diagnosis means, but the science keeps evolving.

My daughter was diagnosed in some ways similar to me, which I expected, but in additional ways which I did not expect. This does not occur in a vaccuum. I have been doing a lot of thinking about my experiences in the world and I realize that while I found a comfortable place to cope, but I haven’t learned anything new for a very long time. Neurodivergent TikTok has blown this open for me. I’m really grateful for those who are vulnerable and share their stories.