Working on being a better father. Unlearning and retraining myself is hard.


I’m at a very good place, in the sense that I’m confident in my abilities and I really enjoy my role. My current challenges are building a team by elevating everyone, and learning to be a good mentor and manager for an intern.


I am still coming to terms with my diabetes diagnosis. I’m not making the diet and exercise changes I need to make. I’m moving more, in general, but not enough to compenstate for poor choices. I need to eat more fiber and eat fewer carbs. I’m having difficulty and I’m not proud of myself.

By comparison, avoiding wheat because of being Celiac seems easy.

Unexpected left turn with my hearing. Which is to say my hearing in my left ear is greatly diminished, while at the same time being more sensitive to loud noise.

I heave learned this is consistent with Vestibular Schwannomas, or Acoustic Neuromas. This means I have a small “benign” tumor in my head, which has caused nerve damage. My hearing will not return to what it was. The tumor hasn’t grown in the last 8 months. The good news is that it doesn not demand immediate surgical remediation. My hearing, though diminished, has also remained stable. I’m in for annual MRI sessions to see if it remains stable or not.


I’m revisiting my ADHD diagnosis. Because I’m the Inattentive type of ADHD, I wasn’t diagnosed initially until I was 27, back in the 1990s. I thought I knew a lot about what that diagnosis means, but the science keeps evolving.

My daughter was diagnosed in some ways similar to me, which I expected, but in additional ways which I did not expect. This does not occur in a vaccuum. I have been doing a lot of thinking about my experiences in the world and I realize that while I found a comfortable place to cope, but I haven’t learned anything new for a very long time. Neurodivergent TikTok has blown this open for me. I’m really grateful for those who are vulnerable and share their stories.