Social Media

My host,, supports ActivityPub, so my posts are federated to Mastodon, and I can follow folks whose accounts are similarly federated. I believe in supporting work like this, so I am using a paid account. My posts will live here.

I’m also syndicating to Bluesky, as is currently offering this feature.

I’m hopeful that with open protocols, blockchains, federation and syndication, we can make something that works even better than the collection of for-profit islands we’re all on.

I’m not sure what the future holds. I’m staking space in Wavelength and I’m interested in Threads and will follow developments as a curious person is wont to do.


Remodel is complete and major and minor pieces are physically back within. Unboxing is both glorious and a challenge. Lots of things may not continue to stay with us any longer.


Working on being a better father. Unlearning and retraining myself is hard. I see how angry and grumpy I act at home and it’s not lost on me how I’m affecting my wife and my daughter.


I’m at a very good place, in the sense that I’m confident in my abilities and I really enjoy my role. My current challenge is building a team by elevating everyone. When it seems easy, that is a clue I’m missing something. I have learned I have a lot to learn.


I haven’t come to terms with my diabetes diagnosis.

I hate it. I hate that I drank all the high-fructose corn syrup. I hate that I ate all the Cheetos and cheese puffs and Doritos and tortilla chips. And French fries and mashed potatoes and baked potatoes and white bread and rice. I crave the carbs hard. Still.

I’m moving a little more, but not enough to compensate for poor choices. I need to eat more fiber and eat fewer carbs. I’m having difficulty and I am angry with myself.

By comparison, avoiding wheat because of being Celiac seems easy.

My hearing is stable. Hearing in my left ear is greatly diminished but hasn’t changed in a year. And that ear is still more sensitive to loud noise.

This is consistent with Vestibular Schwannomas, or Acoustic Neuromas. I have a small “benign” tumor in my head, which has caused nerve damage. My hearing will never return to what it was. The tumor hasn’t grown in the last year. The good news is that it does not demand immediate surgical remediation. I’m in for annual MRI sessions to see if it remains stable or not. If not, then an intervention will be required.