I re-read the Harry Potter novels and am well into my re-read of Lord of the Rings. However, the All Souls trilogy came up and I read those as fast as I could. Now reading The Case of the Turquiose Sun, but it’s non-fiction research and going slower. Then I plan to finish LOTR.


Re-Ripping my CDs

I was a collecting monster. Ripping to WAV on my Plex box and ripping to lossless for my Apple Music server. Oh! The meta data. Oh! The duplicated tracks. The WAV rips are super fast. The Lossless rips in Apple Music take several times longer, plus I’m caring for a library of digital files that began life in 1997.

Two things I’ve learned:

  1. Trust but verify the metadata you get from public sources.
  2. Album art is getting harder to find.


TV in living room is finally wall-mounted, with a raceway to properly contain the cables.

Prepping for a home tour in a few weeks.


My current leader sees me and appreciates me.

Updated April 15, 2024