Found my bike helmet. It’s about twenty years old, by now, but never suffered an impact. Working on getting back in the saddle.
Yesterday our family learned the hard way that security cameras don’t see everything. And my daughter learned people are brazen and will take.
“…We have become the data we were supposed to be stealing or subverting.” Cyberpunk, Anti-Politics, and Postmodern Despair I am Gen X. I was a Mondo 2000 reader.
Pleasantly surprised today. My watch let me know my phone was in the car when I walked into my work building this afternoon. Not in so many words, but the obvious conclusion as I was heading to my desk and the alert popped up. As an ADHD’er, I approve of this feature!
We will see how pushy Evernote is on the new subscription prices… I have been contributing $5/month since at least 2010 for Premium. New price point for Personal is $7. Maybe I switch wholesale to iOS notes, now, with the feature set they have expanded to there is enough of an overlap to be effective
I have a new vice: Spicy Japanese Peanuts from Picosita Candy They are covered in Tajin
16 hours without power. Grateful for the workers who improved local infrastructure to bring it back. Super grateful for AC again!