If you liken the MRI experience to Noise Core, and think about how some of the sounds would feel set to beats and sent through a wall of bass drivers, it’s easier to get through

I am continually disappointed by my inability to type the simplest phrase without miskeying a great deal (including this post). Autocorrect is a wholly separate issue, but I’m starting to feel cannot be blamed—based on my horrific input.

That feeling when you and your significant other agree on the great candy from childhood.

Last night of vacation. So bittersweet. Enjoying one more night on the porch knowing we need to get our things ready for the road trip home. Tomorrow night we will be in a hotel almost 700 miles away, but only half way home. Monday morning brings back the regular work week.

Rainbow at sunset

On Roanoke Sound

Sunrise #OBX

Air temp: 80F, water temp: 80F No chance of rain for the next several hours. No place to be for several hours.

The thing about when you’re going to a chain in the Outer Banks to pick up an order is you need to be sure which location you’re headed to. Are you sure? The staff can’t help you much when you show up to the wrong one. #obx

At the beach #OBX #KillDevilHills