Yes, it was me in the kilt

My first visit to the Renaissance Festival in many years lead to my first kilt.

I went to print a Word document from preview mode in “New Outlook.” New Outlook “generated” a PDF which opened in an Edge browser tab. I have questions: Why would Microsoft use another vendor’s document presentation technology? Was I ever looking at a “DOC”?

Remember listening to whole albums?

Sometimes one from the past demands my attention. Lately it’s Tinderbox

I don’t remember hurting myself, but it’s clear to me now—at some point, the coffee was too hot.

I was reminded today of why I stopped using drive-through fast-food procurement. So much easier to deal with issues at the counter, instead of trying to do an inventory in-car. What a mess.

“…the street finds its own uses for things” —William Gibson, from Burning Chrome

I have always loved the Cyberdecks, which have always seemed to me to inspired by Gibson’s writing. I also love any small, capable tech tool.

See also: 2023 Cyberdeck Challenge

I would like to thank Coffee Cart MPLS for the delicious Lavender Latté, this morning.

I hate when I can’t find the right GIF to throw into the group chat during the Teams call.

Discovered She’s in Parties, today. The band took its name from the song you’re thinking of. Via Space Echo