Taco John’s.

IOS Wish List:

Make all your devices respect the Silence Unknown Callers toggle.

I know cell phones only ring for an interval like 21 or 23 seconds, but in certain circumstances, that is the longest 23 seconds of my life.

So, I’ve toggled Calls on other devices to Off

APi Group.



Status: Poppa and Daughter Dinner

APi Group. Another opportunity to work on a kind of tool I haven’t worked with before. IT work is almost all problem-solving and almost no expertise

I’m tired of boot laces breaking. I’ve invested in two sets made by Ironlace. I hope they are better!



APi Group. Long day. Have learned, so that must mean it has been worthwhile

…And, insult to injury, I’ve made a similar mistake, moments later.

Evidence suggests I have the attention span of a gnat.

That moment when you realize you are going to have to wait some time for opportunity to return after you clicked a button too soon

Five Guys. Sometimes your second choice for lunch is still amazeballs

Target. Urgent shirt replacement

AT&T. Because with an eSIM, a factory restore wipes that number. So I need a QR code

APi Group. Citrix changes make for support calls

Starbucks. Venti flat white with an extra shot of espresso

Amstar Gas Station.

APi Group. Not my most efficient or effective day but lots was done and worked on



Pancheros Mexican Grill. Because I love Mexican food

APi Group. Monday traffic after a light snow. By now in the season folks are more measured on the road