APi Group. Snow, snow, snow, but meetings, so here I am

APi Group. Wednesday morning and all is well

Starbucks. Hot coffee for a cold (-6 F) morning

Garlough Elementary. Privilege of seeing my daughter to school

Holiday Station Store.

Papa Murphy’s.

APi Group. Already Tuesday. Lots to do. Situation normal.

Wells Fargo.

St. Pascal Baylon Catholic Church and School. Christmas tree for Grams

I played with a logo generator which worked by combining words, images, fonts and colors in many ways.

For free, it allowed me to download a 200x200 pixel image file of the combination that amused me the most.

I Have a Blog, So Now What?

Writing is terrifying, isn’t it?

I mean, when you over-think it, as I am inclined to do.

I have a good vocabulary. I know I can do a good job constructing sentences and paragraphs. I have many great places to record my thoughts.

But it’s my internal editor whose objections are the hardest to overcome.

“Everybody has already said that.”
“Everybody is going to hate it if you say that.”
“What if that’s an idea that will become terribly unpopular in three years? Am I going to be allowed to evolve?”
“Is this going to affect my job if my co-workers see this?”

So please forgive the milquetoast as I get over myself. I know these thoughts do not make me unique in any way.

I have deep admiration for those who write and create regularly, revealing themselves and showing vulnerability.

I am grateful to you for lighting the way.

My first thought was “What is casting that shadow?” Then I realized it was most likely caused by a plane flying though the clouds.

That feeling when vendors decide how you use the free version of their service is no longer supportable.

Culver’s. Sofia’s request, tonight

APi Group. Oh, just wrapping up rework on an old ticket. Lots of time today reporting. Team stats, team meeting. Sharing updated knowledge articles…


Chianti Grill. Blackened Ribeye. Welcome dinner for a new colleague.


APi Group. Planning Meeting was cancelled. Note to self: Get better at planning

Imation Corp..

APi Group. The movie Groundhog Day is about this day, today

APi Group. Time to turn off the podcast and meet my Monday

Today is Strange Frozen Precipitation Day in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. #mnwx


Kwik Trip.