Why I Hate Software (I Don't Really But Microsoft And Apple Are Still Frenemies)

Setting up iCloud on one Windows laptop actually went smoothly. Every tool did exactly what it was supposed to do. This, even though I have combined my vanity email domain with iCloud. To be fair, I actually send email from my personal account only slightly more often than I phone people from my personal number, which is close to (but not quite) never. On a desktop, this did not happen. Even with Office365 installed, the iCloud tool only synced calendars and contacts.

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Passwords are a bear—I have to change every 90 days at work. Mandatory password change yesterday afternoon left me stumped this morning. In the process of recovery, I came back to what my password is. It helps me to use a phrase that sets intent. Because of intent, I got it back.

I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but on the face of it I support Minnesota Governor Walz' decision to support a person’s right to choose. I support self-determination, and I support anything that supports people where they are, as they are.

Is it wierd or to be expected? Had a flickering screen issue on my built-in MacBook Air display. Fix was to turn off auto-adjusting brightness and True Tone, then restart. Sorta concerned about turning either back on.

Taking out the trash today meant also picking up a squirrel whose last moments were spent next to my trash can. I wonder what happened?

Irritated. I paid for an album, for the second time, to get a 40th anniversary remaster. I downloaded it to my device and pressed play. I was greeted with the message that I have the stereo mix. If I want to hear Atmos, I need to remove the album from my device and stream it.

Thank you, SyFy Network, for reminding me how far back in history my childhood was.

That feeling when you’re at work late because of, um, fixing a clerical error, when the quick thing you need to do on your laptop is thwarted by the statement “Updates are in progress.”

There was an old man, who swallowed a moth:

“I didn’t plan to swallow a moth. It made me cough!”

Technology Frustration: Enterprise class laptops that only support a single external display, learning the hard way in front of clients that this is so.