Me and my Little Buddy

When your mom is a Queen super fan and she takes you to One Vision of Queen at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair

I’m federated everywhere I can, except on Meta products. I want them to be endpoints and Meta wants me to put them at the top of the pyramid. If they allow inbound posting, I’ll include them, too. Deleted X a while back. Occasionally I follow a link to a post there but generally don’t miss it.

Blasted my ears tonight doing yard work and listening to Echodrone. I have favorited Tranquility and Energy on their new album The Curvature of Sound.

We all want to be seen and accepted just as we are.

Many of us have been taught again and again to keep our masks tightly in place.

Because of terrible things visited on us by those whose acceptance we have sought, we visit those things on others.

Reinforcing the patterns we wish to break.