In other news, today I learned my Nintendo Switch has the ability to be a host. Not only with a WiFi hotspot but also a web server. I haven’t done a great deal of local play with other switch owners, but I guess those technologies makes sense for group play.

Have spent some time on Animal Crossing, now I’m starting to look around at what others have done.

Animal Crossing New Horizons  Map and Dream Address DA-3459-2622-7968

There is a Lime & Jalapeño flavor of Ruffles that is offensely delicious and I am completely disappointed in my ability to stop eating them

A cup of strong coffee and a breakfast sandwich are consistently a source of joy for me.

Got this from a long-time colleague at work this morning. I’m the best. I’m modest. And I don’t brag. Honestly, though, need to work to meet that.

Via Autoblog: I can instantly make you a better driver

Am excited about news of WatchOS 10, but worried. I have a series 4 watch and my concern is either that I will be excluded from this release, or this will be the release that makes my watch run too slowly.

Listened to two Deserta albums. Bought two Deserta albums. More, please!

Listening to Deserta’s 2020 album called Black Aura My Sun. It’s somewhere between M83 and Ulrich Schnauss—as if shoegaze arrived via 80s pop, instead of via New Wave/Alternative. More synth, and less guitar.

Always a treat to know a favorite album hasn’t been forgotten: The ongoing legacies of The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy