Aurora Borealis, images taken before midnight on March 23, 2023

The camera doesn’t show what I could see. But I’m 54 and I have never seen the night sky so full of light.

Sigur Rós is coming to the State Theater in Minneapolis in August. Tickets aren’t on sale just yet

I think I learned my lesson. Twice in the last week Power Nap burned through all my battery to the point where my 2019 MacBook won’t boot for about a half hour. Assuming I can get back in before I forget, will be turning Power Nap off.

The In Memoriam segments get harder to watch, every year

Surgery complete. Magnetic joysticks from GuliKit, buttons from ExtremeRate, plus tools and manuals from iFixit. I wish the buttons were a better color match to the Joycons, but it is uniquely mine, now.

Tonight I proved I can operate on a Joy-Con controller successfully. You need three hands, bright light, and a magnifier. I had two hands and insufficient light for my 54-year-old eyes. Between that and an IFixit tutorial, I replaced a joystick and changed to all-white buttons.

Got an invite to the forthcoming Apple Classical app on a device running the iOS 16.4 public beta

Status: Outlook (Not Responding) — just attempted to delete a draft from the Drafts folder. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I have realized, watching foodie TikTok, that I’m deeply fortunate that Mexican food has never been weaponized against me.