I have been giving increasing thought to dropping a phone and phone number altogether. Alas, there are still a few critical use cases.

My sense is that Apple is planning to go through Vision Pro evolution before the phone disappears. In other words, I see Apple’s path passing through iterations of Assisted Reality and Virtual assistant technology, making devices disappear behind services.

I wish that an iPad had the same phone capability as the iPhone itself. I wish now, just as I did when I had a Gen 1 iPad, that I didn’t have to carry so many devices. For the number of actual phone calls I participate in, my watch or my AirPods would work just fine, with an iPad being the center of mobile compute and data. I’m preferring the iPad more and resenting non-iPad software more.

I did the math and storing all of my collection uncompressed is very doable. Now I’m thinking about something more right-sized for the serving music in my house than the old mid-tower machine running W11. Like a Raspberry Pi or some other low-power unit.

Today I learned my receiver can stream music directly from Plex. Hmmm.

The game I bought last week is 40% off today. But the sleep I have already lost? Priceless.

Instagram just today blocked a video I posted several years ago that shows my daughter watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I can’t claim fair use as the clip is longer than 29 seconds. So no one gets to see it anymore. Merry Christmas from Warner Brothers!

Remembering that I left my keys at home harshed the mellow I was feeling after listening to Yacht Rock and Cool Change on the way to work. Never underestimate Little River Band.

I dutifully changed the battery in the Apple Air Tag on my keychain. Confirmed it was working. And left my keys on my desk anyway.

The longer I’m on Micro.blog, the more I appreciate the philosophy and the execution and the happier I am with how well everything works.