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Tim Cook for President?

APi Group. Work smarter and faster or die trying

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APi Group. Monday after maintenance weekend

Wendy’s. Ordered and paid online, however they do not prepare your order until you arrive. But if your order is complicated (GF), this method is nice

Starbucks. Peppermint Mochas all around

I re-watched Johnny Mnemonic, last night, for nostalgic reasons… it is still a bad action film with a sci-fi trappings. Too much Hollywood and not enough Bill Gibson…

So much for the long tail? Wanted to buy Staring at the Sea from iTunes, today but it’s not there. It was my first exposure to The Cure because I’m not that cool.

I had always imagined that fatherhood would be instructive. I had no way to know how profound it might be.

Checked in at APi Group

When you realize, after editing a web page, your additions belong on a different web page

APi Group.

A small amount of relief comes from TechCrunch:

A US federal court finds suspicionless searches of phones at the border is illegal

And this from Ars Technica

Google: You can trust us with the medical data you didn’t know we already had

Very scary to me: FBI Asks Congress To Permanently Reauthorize The Phone Record Collection The NSA Voluntarily Shut Down

via Techdirt

Our human climate-control sensibilities are so weird. During the cooling season, though I tend to run warm, I am chilled at my desk. Alternately, now that the heat is on in my building, I have a fan running at my desk because otherwise I’m uncomfortably warm. In either case, when I go outside I’m blasted with the extreme opposite.

The Death of the Rude Press

“In the elite press—on cable news, in newspaper opinion sections—you can say the most monstrous things imaginable, as long your language is polite. What you can’t do is rudely express a desire for a more just world…”

”…If your local media has no place for people who voice contempt for your city’s police chief, say, or your state’s attorney general, or the publisher of your city’s largest newspaper, all of those people will feel more comfortable in abusing their power. They will grind you down, and in the process, they’ll tell you to be civil about it.”

The Death of the Rude Press @ New Republic

New haircut. New glasses. And the cutest photo bomber in the world.

I am grateful for magic. Happy Halloween!

Sommer, Ann, Sofia—Three generations

Enjoying the new Lamb album, very much

Dear political advertisers,

I believe none of you. Please stop.


A Voter

Beautiful day for a walk. Lovely to find the wild peaking out in between the manicured spaces.