This was a great night for #Hufflepuff


First questions were super-easy. Dueling Club questions got hard. This is good! #TournamentofHouses #Slytherin

Super impressed with the attention to detail in #TournamentofHouses. Lovely Easter Eggs

I had thought Olympe Maxime was a giant, but confirmed through references that she indeed is a half-giant.


Had to look up the gifts in 12 Days of Christmas. I had a solid 9 out of 12, but several in the wrong places.

It’s after Thanksgiving so it’s okay.

Speaking of newsletters on Sunday, Explorator News is wonderful. It is self-described as archeological news of the week. It’s a collection of links to articles organized by topic, includes diverse sources, and is itself free of advertising.

Inoreader has a special for the next few days: 18 months of Pro for the price of 12.

I just renewed, carrying me into 2024. I must have done something similar last year?

Was just introduced to the ideas of Ken Wilbur’s Integral Theory via the SLOWW Sunday newsletter.

There’s a lot to unpack, here.

Long ago, when I was a boy, in the summertime my grandmother used to put brewed coffee in the refridgerator for my grandfather. He would then enjoy it as an iced beverage in the heat of the day.

This memory surfaced as I poured out a giant glass of cold brew for myself, this morning.

So I’m finding that I can only “rate” iTunes music on MacOS at the moment. Does anyone else use this functionality? Am I missing anything?