We are, at last, unboxed. Work isn’t done, but we accomplished what we set out to do.

Eating Doritos and making coffee, as one does.

Took a few days off this week. It is lovely to start the week sleeping in. Much to do, but in my time.

Welp. Two hours, a deductible, sales tax on the retail price, a screen protector, a case and a cable later, I can post from my phone again.

Just killed my phone pretty good. I fell down the stairs and it was in my hand that broke my fall. Can’t trade it in, so I will deal with my carrier in the morning to see what can be done.

Wore my kilt again this weekend, outside and everything, too. I’m already thinking about the coming Renaissance Festival and how I want to present myself. And I found the regional company that made the kilt i bought last year: Highland Kilt Company.

There are a lot of places to buy kilts, online.

Managing a collection of music isn’t that hard, once you’ve got storage. Managing its digital facsimile is a pain in the ass. Rewarding in terms of availability, but endless challenges to do it well.

My contribution to a Valentine’s group chat at work. There was a plushie passed around and we were supposed to stage a picture with the it. I was the only one who included the photographer.

I regret nothing.

A collection of whatever-it-is-you-collect is necessarily backward looking. However, as that space grows, it still can help you forge new connections and learn new things and see through new eyes.

It’s kinda Zuckerberg’s job to say his is better. So… not really surprised that’s in the press.