As a resident of geography that might be referred to by some as “fly-over-country,” I’m often grateful but sometimes resentful.

If we don’t repeat the stories, no one else can know them

Chicken Curry with Onion from Ming’s Garden works every time

Hanging out with my Mom and my kid at the fire. I don’t think I remember the last time I “roasted” hotdogs that way

4 hours and 47 minutes into an annual IT exercise. In my role, I’m basically a fly on the wall, unless or until urgent communication or coordination is needed.

Generally, I’m a coffee-first kind of person. This morning, it took a while before I was ready to make the effort. I did come to my senses, though. And the coffee is actually delicious, thank you.

Dusting off the old chili recipe, today. Slow-cooking, now.

I had been a long-time MusicMatch user, before I had bought my first iPod. Before I had purchased my first Mac. Only was reminded of this today when I was deduplicating tracks. The software agent that ripped the track is part of the metadata visible when you Get Info in Music.

Target Corporation, I don’t care how much money you paid for the rights. You. Do. Not. Use. Prince. Songs.

I feel like I’m getting trolled by Apple’s meta data as I re-rip my CDs. I wish occasional incorrect track titles was the worst of it.