I’ve had the software for a long time. Maybe now it’s time to see what I can do with it.

When you find more music from an artist whose albums you have loved and it makes you yppah because it’s just as good

Doctors Stopped Believing in the ‘Chemical Imbalance’ Theory. But They Didn’t Tell Us

From Mad in America

Third dose of COVID vaccine still packs a wallop

Generally, I try to keep the negativity away from my posts. Other times the thing I feel compelled to say takes over and the thinking about whether or not I needed to post something happens much later.

I gotta be me.

Just learned who is supplying wood for my home remodel. Via certified letter. Nothing like “We are proud to supply this for you” or “Thanks for being a customer and we look forward to working with your team” or “Thank you for supporting our business.” Only, the wood costs this much. If your contractor doesn’t pay, we will put a lein on your property until payment is received.

I don’t care who you are used to working with or what you have been through, that is a fucked up way to start a relationship. But? We see you. We understand who we are dealing with and will respond accordingly. And then? Never again.

As someone who has read Neuromancer (on paper) (in the 1980s), I adore this: Hackaday Cyberdeck Contest

#Heilung #Myth


#Heilung #Myth

Well, then. Apparently Ford would like us to know about the new Mustang. As a mild gearhead, I’m seeing it announced simultaneously on several feeds I follow.