My daughter has existed without her Minecraft machine for 8 days. Set it up for her in our temporary digs this afternoon and she has disappeared in the intervening hours.

COVID test says it’s not that. But my daughter has had flu-like symptoms this past week and it looks like it might be my turn

Twitter did not let me add my ActivityPub-compatible name to my display name on my Twitter profile though it looks like others have done so. It’s in a pinned tweet and in my profile, should anyone be interested enough to look at my profile page.

I was pleased to learn that in the Discover section on, you may not always need the full @name@fully.qualified.domain string to locate ActivityPub accounts. In some cases the username alone was enough. Many times, name@fully.qualified.domain was enough.

Yesterday I found about 8 Twitter accounts that I follow mentioned or listed a Mastodon address. Did a quick Twitter search for “mastodon” on followed accounts. Today I learned of Debirdify, which helped me to find about 100 more accounts I could follow directly from

But what if Apple became a mobile operator? It would accept inbound calls and send them to me as FaceTime over any network. When I make a call, Apple can decide if that’s an in-network call or if (like with SMS) it goes to a 3rd party. No phone needed, just a mobile data plan.

If I could set my Apple Watch as the focus for my phone number, I’d be happy to carry an iPad exclusively. Or heck, just make a cellular-capable iPad operate as a phone so I don’t have to keep three computers on my person, just two or one.

Reading and writing is wonderful. I have a brain that likes to make connections. Between consuming some social media posts today, then writing an update to my Now page, I’ve learned some things that have helped me to clarify my own values and principles.

Went to download FileZilla for my Windows laptop. I decided to get the paid version. $16 isn’t too much to pay for all the years I’ve enjoyed its functionality.

I would like to thank @manton for making ready for this moment in time. This service is really much greater than the sum of its parts.