My brain and I have a difficult relationship


I mention culture because I fear the contribution I can make as an individual isn’t enough. Or, worse, that the ideas I have about peace, love and understanding aren’t real. That’s not who humans are. We should not aspire.

Watching Sunday Morning on Sunday Morning. There’s a segment on the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock which leads me to think about culture. What one generation tried to accomplish and the place where we are now. Went to sleep after one mass shooting and woke up to news of another.

With cucumber and habañero

I feel dumb. It took me too long to locate the song-rating functionality in the iOS 13 beta. I had thought Apple was removing it. I spent lots of time mentally architecting a solution that proved to be completely unnecessary.

Heat lightning. Storm in video is between Northfield and Redwing, Minnesota. Visible from Conway neighborhood in St. Paul. 83% humidity on a hot Summer night. Jupiter presiding.

It would make sense that the LEGO kits were for someone else, but they are mine and I really treasure them.

I used to collect the Castle sets including the Foresters and Pirates… I have many, many minifigs

Hogwarts Clock Tower, Grand Finale. Including Yule Ball


Hogwarts Clock Tower, including clock face and dormitory