Push the envelope. Dissonate your cognition. Question your narratives.

Breslin, Susannah: Journalist
Carlson, Randall: Independant Researcher
Chaam, Jamal: Chemical Engineer
Cochrane, Ev: Researcher of Comparative Mythology
Cook, Jno: Artist
Davidson, Ben: Independant Researcher
Davis, William: Cardiologist
Feriss, Tim: Author
Godin, Seth: Teacher
Grof, Stan: Psychiatrist
Hagerty, Lorenzo: Podcaster
Kleine, Marty: Therapist
Kresser, Chris: Functional Medicine
Masnick, Mike: Editor
McKenna, Terence: Ethnobotanist
Moore, Alan: Magician
Paglia, Camille: Cultural Critic
Rogan, Joe: Comedian
Russell, Thaddeus: Historian
Stamets, Paul: Mycologist
Watts, Alan: Buddhist Teacher


Additude: Inside the ADHD mind
Let Grow: Countering the culture of overprotection
Mad in America: A catalyst for rethinking psychiatric care
Society for Interdisciplinary Studies: Catastrophist information and research
Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism: Autism news and resources: from autistic people, professionals, and parents
Thunderbolts Project: A new way of seeing the physical universe