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On my work MacBook this morning I got a system message that SharePoint is being added as a login item. I don’t see a matching app in my Applications folder, so I am intrigued by this.

UPDATE: I learned this is a component of OneDrive, which is surprisingly honest—as OneDrive sits atop SharePoint technology. I can only hope it truly auto-launches and auto-syncs my folders, as in the past I have needed to specifically launch OneDrive to have access to items in the cloud.

Why I Hate Software (I Don't Really But Microsoft And Apple Are Still Frenemies)

Setting up iCloud on one Windows laptop actually went smoothly. Every tool did exactly what it was supposed to do. This, even though I have combined my vanity email domain with iCloud. To be fair, I actually send email from my personal account only slightly more often than I phone people from my personal number, which is close to (but not quite) never. On a desktop, this did not happen. Even with Office365 installed, the iCloud tool only synced calendars and contacts.

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Can I say, as an IT person, I’m really tired of running updates. So little control over what is happening. No way to know before starting if this computer will take the update after some unknown interval of time, or not. All I can do is wait and pick up the pieces.

Apple Beta program participation disadvantage I haven’t seen mentioned before: media-sharing requires signing out and back in, or de-authorizing and re-authorizing—after applying each update. On AppleTV this means not being able to connect to my server or access iTunes Match

Contact interoperability via VCF or CSV file is simply terrible. It could be as simple as export/import. But that’s not the case. It’s export/translate/edit/import/edit

Long story short:

Don’t use files to exchange this data. Use services.

To get contacts from Outlook (Exchange) into iOS, I used the macOS-native Contacts app. I connected to the Exchange account that had the contacts needed. Then I connected to the empty iCloud account. I selected the Exchange account, selected all of the contacts, and dragged them en masse to the iCloud account. In a few minutes, all of the contacts appeared in iCloud with the correct data in the correct fields. A few minutes after that, they were on the destination iPhone.

What if you took the opportunity to turn your secure pass-phrase into a positive affirmation?

Or a goal? A mission statement? Your intent?

My work day started with my awesome new Logi MX KEYS keyboard not Bluetoothing to anything, anywhere.

I was worried I owned a nicely-weighted, space gray brick.

It’s rechargeable and therefore sealed. The power switch didn’t change anything. None of the key presses in the Quick Start guide changed its behavior. None of the forum posts addressed what I was seeing. So I went rogue. After a lot of searching for any mention of what I was seeing, I began experimenting with long key presses and multiple key combinations and finally got to where I could pair the keyboard to my Mac again.

I was able to hold the fn and F13 keys to get it into pairing mode for device 1. Then, on my MacBook, I was able to use the Bluetooth preferences in the System Settings application and subsequently the Logi Options app saw it again, as well.