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On my work MacBook this morning I got a system message that SharePoint is being added as a login item. I don’t see a matching app in my Applications folder, so I am intrigued by this.

UPDATE: I learned this is a component of OneDrive, which is surprisingly honest—as OneDrive sits atop SharePoint technology. I can only hope it truly auto-launches and auto-syncs my folders, as in the past I have needed to specifically launch OneDrive to have access to items in the cloud.

Just read into Keybase documentation. Mastodon software supports Keybase, per-instance. However, due to what I’m guessing is massive proliferation, Keybase isn’t adding more instances at the current time.

As I transitioned the SIM in my phone from Sprint to T-Mobile, today, I learned I’ve been a Sprint customer for 21 years. I doubt that counts for much to the business, but I wish it carried some weight.

Today, I learned that evapotranspiration, also called Corn Sweat (in the parlance of our times), is capable of influencing humidity over large areas. Ex: the Corn Belt