@7robots Minnesota, a rural location about 45 minutes north of St. Paul/Minneapolis. I live in Saint Paul and before and after these photos were taken, the aurora was invisible within the metropolitan area.

@help Somehow payment again went to former credit card. Updated payment information again.

@help I keep getting messages my card hasn’t processed. I resubscribed at a higher lever and submitted card information and still subsequently was asked for updated card information. Just received a third notice about payment. What’s happening?

@patrickrhone I am also waiting with bated breath! Currently wearing disposable continuous monitors—which gives much better data than daily pokes. But would love to use something that slows my additions to the waste stream and doesn’t require self-perforation. #T2DB

@numericcitizen My main interest is the number of feeds I can follow. Most of the rest is really nice to have, but not critical. I like the Evernote integration. I’m only starting to shift newsletters over.

@numericcitizen I’m subscribing to Inoreader at the Pro level, primarily as a means to support the service while enabling my RSS habit. I had been using Feedly but they stopped supporting my habit at the free level before I could afford any subscription.