@patrickrhone Thank you for the link! Isn't it amazing that for all of our claims of logic and rationality, we are truly emotional beings at our cores?

@manton Grateful for this functionality. I feel the conversations could be an additional lure into the community.

@JohnPhilpin In practice the flexibility is a non-issue. They are substantially stiffer than traditional laces, but not in a way that would prevent any known lacing scheme. I think they are called "iron" laces because the knot doesn't budge and they do not untie.

@frankm Thank you for sharing that article. I will admit my own forgetfulness of what I learned at school. I will also admit I don’t think about American history, much. The news cycle is a pretty amazing distraction, and I have run from it.

@odd Totally. Respect

@ddykstal @manton I can totally see that working, especially if the sky was the color of a TV tuned to a dead channel…

@patrickrhone Wow! That brought back a flood! While I'm no superfan, I really haven't stopped listening to Mirror Moves

@simonwoods Love it!

@brentsimmons I’ve been subscribing via my synchronization service interfaces, primarily. I’m not shocked that iOS doesn’t offer a way to customize this, yet, because RSS isn’t widely well understood. That reminds me that one of the many things I hope to explore in the future is how to do RSS in the News app.

@odd This is my first. I’ve lost 70 pounds from my peak weight but it wasn’t enough to turn the tide. I’m aiming to make this not an issue.

@chartier The list of participating sites is strong. I’m hopeful this mitigates some of the bad behaviors we have seen.

@chartier I am intrigued by this. Makes me think of the concept of micropayments I read about in Wired all those years ago…

@simonwoods I am with you. I’ve been inspired by the work of many, many others—including members of the Micro.Blog community. This thing we do can be very powerful.

@simonwoods For me, those are my posts that show me as least decisive at best, self-contradictory at worst. But the angst has to go somewhere, and at least there is the benefit of producing something accurate?

@bix I’m with you

@simonwoods (looks around, nervously) I've never done that before...

@dominikhoecht What did you like about Unread? I've used the official Inoreader app several times but have gotten frustrated with the way that page rendering can sometimes get in the way of swiping to read articles

@dominikhoecht I, too, ended up with Inoreader. At a time in my life when I couldn't afford extras, Feedly changed their offereings and the free tier did not support my level of usage any longer. Inoreader wasn't as limiting. So, when I was in a position to support the services I use, Inoreader earned my business. But from an application perspective, I have been using Reeder on devices--with Inoreader as the synchronization service.

@simonwoods Fascinating concept for a Twitter client. Seems like some good ideas the official app could easily incorporate. Nighthawk appears prepared to help me do some things with presets that I have been doing manually in Twitter's UI...

@twelvety I've made it into Hold Your Fire. Time Stand Still is even more poignant...

@jack I started at Hemispheres and got most of the way through Power Windows, so far

@kimonostereo Agreed. He has been a big part of my life. I wish him well on his travels.

@kimonostereo Nooooooooo!

@bix I was today years old when I first learned about test blogs. Thank you. That is good information!

@patrickrhone Truer words