@simonwoods I have some older Logitech gear I'm going to experiment with, if I catch your meaning.

@manton Bless you

@patrickrhone Also, time watching progress bars is some sort of time-expansion experience where there is ample opportunity to speculate on the chess-board-like menu of possible outcomes

@patrickrhone IT work is similar to the aircraft pilot’s lament: long periods of interminable boredom punctuated with moments of sheer terror.

@bix Totally agree. Took a few minutes to complete for the household. Was surprised by the mandate for freeform self-identification of ethnicity.

@bix I appreciate that information.

@odd That is a treasured song and album. I have been listening to their music chronologically recently

@kaa (a propos of nothing...) Did you roll your own Micro.blog theme? I love the simplicity and the typography!

@Burk I'm with you there. In my case that ends up being a handy repository of lightly curated items I have obtained, versus other folders that have different gravity in different contexts.

@bix I love this. Thank you.

@patrickrhone Thank you for the link! Isn't it amazing that for all of our claims of logic and rationality, we are truly emotional beings at our cores?

@manton Grateful for this functionality. I feel the conversations could be an additional lure into the community.

@JohnPhilpin In practice the flexibility is a non-issue. They are substantially stiffer than traditional laces, but not in a way that would prevent any known lacing scheme. I think they are called "iron" laces because the knot doesn't budge and they do not untie.

@frankm Thank you for sharing that article. I will admit my own forgetfulness of what I learned at school. I will also admit I don’t think about American history, much. The news cycle is a pretty amazing distraction, and I have run from it.

@odd Totally. Respect

@ddykstal @manton I can totally see that working, especially if the sky was the color of a TV tuned to a dead channel…

@patrickrhone Wow! That brought back a flood! While I'm no superfan, I really haven't stopped listening to Mirror Moves

@simonwoods Love it!

@brentsimmons I’ve been subscribing via my synchronization service interfaces, primarily. I’m not shocked that iOS doesn’t offer a way to customize this, yet, because RSS isn’t widely well understood. That reminds me that one of the many things I hope to explore in the future is how to do RSS in the News app.

@odd This is my first. I’ve lost 70 pounds from my peak weight but it wasn’t enough to turn the tide. I’m aiming to make this not an issue.

@chartier The list of participating sites is strong. I’m hopeful this mitigates some of the bad behaviors we have seen.

@chartier I am intrigued by this. Makes me think of the concept of micropayments I read about in Wired all those years ago…

@simonwoods I am with you. I’ve been inspired by the work of many, many others—including members of the Micro.Blog community. This thing we do can be very powerful.

@simonwoods For me, those are my posts that show me as least decisive at best, self-contradictory at worst. But the angst has to go somewhere, and at least there is the benefit of producing something accurate?

@bix I’m with you