@aeryn The pictures are cool, but neither they nor words can express what you witness. One day you will have the chance. You will pull out your camera to capture the moment and you will find that you can’t. I tried.

@mathewi I was joking with some colleagues earlier about giving folks a quarter. Then I realized the opportunity to use the quarter for it’s intended purpose probably really isn’t a thing anymore,.

@z428 Debian is about the only upstream distro I would consider. I have known Unix engineers who are all Red Hat and Fedora but I would need to invest time in understanding them better. I will say I’m not convinced snaps are the way to go given the myriad ways individuals configure their systems, but they seem effective enough for many

@z428 Ubuntu at the moment. The elder Elitebook I'm using has issues with all flavors of Linux, so I'm looking at changing that, too.

@patrickrhone Also, I'd be happy to show you the changes we've made, whether as part of the tour or otherwise. Seems like I should make that opportunity happen!

@otaviocc I have been using a similar feature in Inoreader for a while. Would recommend. I can't create unlimited addresses, but I love that the address I use has nothing to do with any other email domain I use.

@ddanielson I think the repercussions of COVID restrictions will resonate for a very long time. For some of us, it underscored what we already knew and believed about our communities. I think many were shocked and saddened.

@ReaderJohn Great question! I use ones that go behind the head and sort of clamp to my skull. I’m a bit of a bass junky so the low-end is disappointing on some tracks. I like them because I’m prone to ear infections and these let my ears breathe. Also, they are light enough and comfortable enough to wear for several hours at a time. Not good for lying in bed, though, where ear buds might make more sense.