@frankm Dave Winer helped me understand blogging and RSS probably close to 20 years ago now when I began to read his work on Manilasites. Did some significant public over sharing in those days. I’m curious about Drummer but can’t find a public link to start.

@frostedechoes @rogerscrafford Mint might be a good place to go. Driver support may be better as it's based on Ubuntu. It's disappointing that Elementary OS didn't work well. From a UI standpoint it seems like that's the right Linux for an elder Mac.

@odd Hardest part, which I put off the longest, was simply copying old email to a local archive. The set up at Apple couldn't have been much easier, and Google was very happy to immediately delete the G-Suite immediately. I did a small amount of review of email security settings—I did it once several years ago once Google supported it, but never again since.

@mjdescy Short answer: Yes! Set up is through iCloud on the web, but account recovery is the same as for iCloud. I'm in the process of adding a recovery contact, but that appears to be only through iOS on my iPhone. Also, I have to update the OS on my AppleTV before it will let me? Anyway, yes.