@vincent Have been running the Public betas on all personal Apple Devices, (iPad, iPhone, Watch, MacBook, HomePod, AppleTV) as well as a work iPhone that primarily runs Microsoft apps. No showstoppers, some changes in battery life, some quirks in a few apps. The thing I'm most looking forward to, the Journal app, isn't even available yet and I don't think has a release date, yet. I will say, Watch OS has some changes that conflict with muscle memory, but are ultimately good for the overall experience. It's undersung, but the watch got a lot of attention.

@sod It’s an excellent point and I haven’t used this feature enough. You are so right. I wasn’t thinking in those terms.

@sod Correction. I was able to locate the settings. Still not an app I can launch when I see something in print or hear something in conversation. So, yes, I can launch Notepad, type a word, select it, and look it up…

@JohnPhilpin My vanity domain has been my primary for longer than I have had iCloud. For me, yes it is merged but that wasn’t an issue. No one was sending me email there. I realize I may be very exceptional.