@Omrrc I also do not like making calls to family and friends. It causes me enormous anxiety. So, of all of the people my friends may know, I am the least likely to call anyone, ever.

@odd No offense taken. None at all. So please don’t worry. And also no judgement, here. Sometimes you have to drink about things. I do understand and respect your sentiment.

@Apple: I want the MacOS dictionary on my iOS devices, and I want Autocorrect to reference it and stop “questioning” my “language” as if I am inventing words.

@rnv It was quick but lasted longer than I hoped. Car took a few dings but will wait a bit to see how bad

@pimoore I get it, marketing and everything. I also get it that an update might be helpful for security reasons. But urging me to upgrade when I cannot is bordering on the cruel

@scojjac Agreed. I help people set up devices all of the time. Many folks do not care to perform some of those tasks, ever, on a work device