The Death of the Rude Press

“In the elite press—on cable news, in newspaper opinion sections—you can say the most monstrous things imaginable, as long your language is polite. What you can’t do is rudely express a desire for a more just world…”

”…If your local media has no place for people who voice contempt for your city’s police chief, say, or your state’s attorney general, or the publisher of your city’s largest newspaper, all of those people will feel more comfortable in abusing their power. They will grind you down, and in the process, they’ll tell you to be civil about it.”

The Death of the Rude Press @ New Republic

“It is expected that work of all kinds will be generally suspended, and that the wage workers of the whole city will enjoy the holiday.”

Minneapolis Tribune, 1894

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Fun to learn a bigger story:

Did Ellis Island Really Change People’s Names?

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When the Sun Hits

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Science Museum of Minnesota

I still love dinosaurs!

Rhone said it better than I was going to:

Today will birth legends

If you are Minnesotan, you will nod knowingly.


Lumiere Brothers footage of Paris, late 19th century