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Saints at bat versus the Stripers


Storybook ending to the game: Saints were down by one at the bottom of the ninth. Bases were loaded after 2 outs. Final hit of the game hit the home run wall. Saints won, 13-9.

Yesterday I found about 8 Twitter accounts that I follow mentioned or listed a Mastodon address. Did a quick Twitter search for “mastodon” on followed accounts. Today I learned of Debirdify, which helped me to find about 100 more accounts I could follow directly from

First time visit to Bauer Brothers Salvage today was purposeful, to get a piece we had seen online. Let me just say, for old house people, it’s a wonderland. Lots to love!

Listening to a lot of Seasurfer lately. I discovered them a few years ago and was reacquainted with them again a few weeks ago. Most recent album has what would call more of a dark wave sound, more synth. Earlier albums I would call more shoegaze. But layers, distortion, reverb and harmonies all throughout

Read Nicholas Bate’s Your 2022 Word.

My word for 2022 is Grow

It’s not a resolution, nor a command. But it encapsulates so much on my mind.

Inoreader has a special for the next few days: 18 months of Pro for the price of 12.

I just renewed, carrying me into 2024. I must have done something similar last year?