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Sometimes, the GIF I want does not exist because I remebered a pop-culture moment incorrectly

The In Memoriam segments get harder to watch, every year

I just wanted to watch a YouTube video on my AppleTV.

We were going to check out a comedian’s set after seeing a snippet on Tiktok. Even though the TV audio was set as one of the Apple TV audio outputs, sound from the Apple TV was only playing via a HomePod Mini in a different room. I had to leave the YouTube app and the video I was watching to go into the system settings to set the audio output to the TV speakers only.

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My immediate behavior in the face of obligation-free paid time off is to sleep until I can’t sleep any more. If/when this is interrupted, I go back to bed as soon as possible for as long as possible.

Reading and writing is wonderful. I have a brain that likes to make connections. Between consuming some social media posts today, then writing an update to my Now page, I’ve learned some things that have helped me to clarify my own values and principles.

Yeah. Music is just as likely to bring tears to my eyes as anything, anymore

I just got a markdown-native writing app, which I’m excited about. Particularly the Apple-native synchronization to iCloud and between devices. However, a new blank document is still a new blank document.

When, out of habit, you walk down the stairs of the atrium in your employer’s building, from the third to the first floor, to head back to your desk—and then realize the thing you need to do next is on the third floor