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It’s an old microwave but it still warms my heart. The first button is for making popcorn 🍿

In Apple’s Post-Jobs, Post-Ives design era, I feel like device industrial design is looking a lot like Jobs-era design, before Ives spoke and presented during product releases.

In other words, the devices look very familiar.

ADHD Tax: When I panic about losing my phone while I’m in a meeting. Phone was less than a foot from my person but I had set another object on top of it.

Anyone else noticed the increased usage of the word Cyber, recently? Just me? Cause I’m old enough to remember its overuse the first time around? I miss those days, when we thought everything was going to be cooler by now.

That feeling when you get the email from the vendor that an item has shipped. Yet the tracking number reveals only that the label has been printed and the shipper has not yet taken possession of the item.

A new day brought new places to type and click to resolve more kinds of technical issues. There was significant terror over several days. If I make it through the evening without a phone call, I may relax.

Travel Experiences

In US tourist areas/high season, do not assume the convenience stores will have a “working” bathroom. I would estimate odds are worse than 50/50 against you. Hilton Home2 is pet-friendly and could make a great base of operations. Our experiences in two locations were very good AirBnB hosts and homes are really lovely, though mattresses on beds are uneven. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be, to provide a good mattress yet subject it to the whims of visitors about whom nothing is known—though hotels seem to have that sussed.

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Construction zones in Indiana have signs that scold you: Your speed is flashing number, flashing number, SLOW DOWN

“…The shifting shafts of shining weave the fabric of their dreams.”

Sunrise, Kill Devil Hills, NC