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I just got a markdown-native writing app, which I’m excited about. Particularly the Apple-native synchronization to iCloud and between devices. However, a new blank document is still a new blank document.

I had the privilege of attending a diversity, equity and inclusion presentation today. The good news is that I’m not oblivious. The other good news, I suppose, is that I have many opportunities to improve understanding and empathy. Wow.

Loved the reference to The Big Lebowski in Family Guy, tonight

Asking honestly: is there like a group of people who are super sick and tired of all the shadiness done by people with power but who are still working to and honestly desire to make the world a better place? There is no red pill. There is no blue pill. There is just us.

Starting the day with puppies in my lap, coffee, Nintendo and Princess Bride.

When, out of habit, you walk down the stairs of the atrium in your employer’s building, from the third to the first floor, to head back to your desk—and then realize the thing you need to do next is on the third floor

So wierd journalists are shocked that Apple continues to support a production product (like an operating system) well into the development cycle of the replacement version. It’s like people actively refuse to understand how they work. Cynical me remembers: headlines drive clicks.

Turned a MacBook Pro into a slab book—I removed the non-functional display. It’s 2013 model and a replacement display is still $600. And it’s mostly my iTunes library and doesn’t move around the house.

Unintended consequences? Yes. The bluetooth and WiFi antennæ are in the display module and that matters. I’m wired into my LAN, but using the built-in keyboard and trackpad as intended because bluetooth is a no go.

I realize I’m an edge case, but I wish you could put longer beards on Memojis.