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I just wanted to start watching a concert video for my wife. I was privileged to change my password twice so that everything started talking.

We are streaming now, but it’s going to be a bit before I can relax after wanting to get destructive for a few moments.

The Great Re-Rip Project of 2024

I’m ripping my physical CDs one more time. Really, twice each. Once ripped to WAV for Plex, a second ripped to lossless for iTunes. I’m hedging my bets against Apple not letting me serve my collection locally any longer. ITunes continues to be iTunes. I can’t believe how slowly it all runs, aggravated by needing to use external storage—but it works. With Plex, I have a migration path to an open source OS and commodity hardware.

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Saints at bat versus the Stripers


Storybook ending to the game: Saints were down by one at the bottom of the ninth. Bases were loaded after 2 outs. Final hit of the game hit the home run wall. Saints won, 13-9.

Novice that I am, made some DNS changes. Finally sunk in that I only need DNS from registrar, not also from my web host. Therefore I had my host remove DNS service. Added a txt record for an experiment. If I broke something, I assume I may not know for a day or two.

I just wanted to watch a YouTube video on my AppleTV.

We were going to check out a comedian’s set after seeing a snippet on Tiktok. Even though the TV audio was set as one of the Apple TV audio outputs, sound from the Apple TV was only playing via a HomePod Mini in a different room. I had to leave the YouTube app and the video I was watching to go into the system settings to set the audio output to the TV speakers only.

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Social Media Waffling, Migration, Culture, and Hope

I’ve waffled on Twitter. Disabled, re-enabled, and again just diabled cross-posting. Before the edict on barring Mastodon links in profiles, I had used Debirdify to learn that about 106 of the accounts I follow had federated accounts elsewhere. That’s less than 10 percent of the total number of accounts I follow there. The news escaping the Twitter bubble about the owner and his policies and his actions don’t really give me hope.

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Just learned who is supplying wood for my home remodel. Via certified letter. Nothing like “We are proud to supply this for you” or “Thanks for being a customer and we look forward to working with your team” or “Thank you for supporting our business.” Only, the wood costs this much. If your contractor doesn’t pay, we will put a lein on your property until payment is received.

I don’t care who you are used to working with or what you have been through, that is a fucked up way to start a relationship. But? We see you. We understand who we are dealing with and will respond accordingly. And then? Never again.

Why I Hate Software (I Don't Really But Microsoft And Apple Are Still Frenemies)

Setting up iCloud on one Windows laptop actually went smoothly. Every tool did exactly what it was supposed to do. This, even though I have combined my vanity email domain with iCloud. To be fair, I actually send email from my personal account only slightly more often than I phone people from my personal number, which is close to (but not quite) never. On a desktop, this did not happen. Even with Office365 installed, the iCloud tool only synced calendars and contacts.

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Passwords are a bear—I have to change every 90 days at work. Mandatory password change yesterday afternoon left me stumped this morning. In the process of recovery, I came back to what my password is. It helps me to use a phrase that sets intent. Because of intent, I got it back.

Purple Rain tour concert film on PBS just started. I’m in.