Holiday Station Store. Gas, oil, air and very cold fingers

Hy-Vee. Supplies for my tummy

Holiday Station Store.

The Exchange - Food & Drink. Lunch with my team, welcoming a new member

APi Group. Strange day wherein one important tool was only partially receptive to my use of it, preventing productivity and requiring others to assist

Pancheros Mexican Grill.


Apple Rosedale Center. Quick trip to get a case for a work phone

Kwik Trip.


Ordway Center for the Performing Arts. Once on this Island

Culver’s. A night out. Shh. Tell no one

Party City.

Imation Corp.. Impact Group

Wendy’s. Yes, I would like fries with that


Sports Clips.

APi Group. Sun is shining. It’s a beautiful day

Target. Sundry items

Wendy’s. In a pinch…

Target. New prescription and new supplies

Catrina’s Cerveza and Grill. Lunch with colleagues and a good partner


Holiday Station Store.

Entira. Getting a Flu Swab