Heritage Middle School. Swimming lessons tonight with Sofia

Target. Needing the coating, soothing, and relieving

Target. 6’ doesn’t seem like much and 25’ seems much too much.

Apple Rosedale Center. You know those unboxing videos where the thing falls onto the floor? Yeah…

APi Group. Monday has presented a few surmounted hurdles already. What more could be in store?

The Exchange - Food & Drink. Lunch with my team, welcoming a new member

APi Group. Strange day wherein one important tool was only partially receptive to my use of it, preventing productivity and requiring others to assist

Catrina’s Cerveza and Grill. Lunch with colleagues and a good partner

APi Group. Another opportunity to work on a kind of tool I haven’t worked with before. IT work is almost all problem-solving and almost no expertise

APi Group. Long day. Have learned, so that must mean it has been worthwhile

Five Guys. Sometimes your second choice for lunch is still amazeballs

AT&T. Because with an eSIM, a factory restore wipes that number. So I need a QR code

APi Group. Not my most efficient or effective day but lots was done and worked on

APi Group. Monday traffic after a light snow. By now in the season folks are more measured on the road

Culver’s. Because there was a SNAFU with Door Dash. But also, as always, gluten-free buns for the win

Holiday Inn Blmgtn Arpt South- Mall Area. Fred Pryor seminar today

Culver’s. I am always grateful for gluten-free options, and I support businesses that make it easy to be me

Pancheros Mexican Grill. Mexican for lunch. I know everyone is shocked

APi Group. Grateful for light traffic and a low support call volume

APi Group. Today’s word is authentication. How many times do we authenticate? As many times as it takes.

APi Group. Last day before a short holiday. I work with some excellent humans. I am grateful and humbled.

APi Group. When a meeting is cancelled, another grows to take its place

Applebee’s Grill + Bar. Taking a tasty Steak and Shrimp break before we head to Gerten’s

St. Pascal Baylon Catholic Church and School. Christmas tree for Grams

APi Group. Oh, just wrapping up rework on an old ticket. Lots of time today reporting. Team stats, team meeting. Sharing updated knowledge articles…

Chianti Grill. Blackened Ribeye. Welcome dinner for a new colleague.

APi Group. Planning Meeting was cancelled. Note to self: Get better at planning

Holiday Station Store. Because that snowblower doesn’t run or air or sweat. And because I forgot to get gasoline when the weather was better

Fraser Woodbury Clinic. Participating in my daughter’s routine this morning

Wendy’s. Ordered and paid online, however they do not prepare your order until you arrive. But if your order is complicated (GF), this method is nice