Always a treat to know a favorite album hasn’t been forgotten: The ongoing legacies of The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy

The small company conference I’m at has severely underestimated the amount of dairy we require with our coffee.

Less intimidated by AI with the understanding that we humans can’t really define what intelligence is, and we can’t really explain how we do what we do. We can automate based on complex decision trees, but the magic is in the awareness of the decision tree.

When I decide what I should have said about 5 minutes after I introduced myself at the company conference.

If there is anything on this earth that takes me out of my 54-year-old body, it’s music. Listened to some M83 and Unkle on the way home from work tonight. It was good for the soul.

Yeah. So, I’m going to need you to apply your application updates before I open the document I need to work on. Mmmkay? That’d be great.

This was taped to the outside of my cube one morning. I’m proud of my beard’s accomplishments

I have come to realize too late that any new app or software is an invitation to more notifications and advertisements. None of those are reasons I install an app. And now they cause me to remove apps.

I don’t know why I have to put off every expense report. There are never many and it’s never that damned hard.

Just picked up BOO - EP by Dead Leaf Echo. They are on Bandcamp