Surprise and delight. I had read a while ago that one could import audiograms into settings for AirPods Pro. It’s true. You can use your camera. And then you can edit what it imports.

And the results brought tears to my eyes.

The amazing thing about humanity, and the living artifact of the internets, is that you don’t have to wonder if someone has been there before. They have, and there is a well-worn path.

But first, Coffee!

I do pay for identity services, in the sense that I own a vanity domain. I can also link presence and identity to it, with no fees, by adding unique text records. Tools like Google, Keybase, Mastodon, BlueSky and Nostr can use these to establish a link. That’s one way forward.

I can be Meta Verified on both Instagram and Facebook for the low, low price of $24.99 per month. I was interested this did not include Threads. $300 a year to show I’m me. I did not accept this offer.

This article explains so much about the Apple Watch that wasn’t making sense to me, before: Making the Apple Watch compatible with Android wouldn’t be easy – and here’s why

Will be waiting a long time until the watch is what I want it to be.

Sometimes, the GIF I want does not exist because I remebered a pop-culture moment incorrectly

This is my frustration with the app and streaming ecosystem. I, personally, am not signing out.

App updates, New phones (even after an encrypted restore), OS updates, company mergers – all sign you out.

But you know what always, always works? Debits from my bank account. That’s always authorized.

I just wanted to start watching a concert video for my wife. I was privileged to change my password twice so that everything started talking.

We are streaming now, but it’s going to be a bit before I can relax after wanting to get destructive for a few moments.

I’m not shocked at Uber’s actions in Minnesota, given their apparent disrespect for drivers. I am sad, though, that Lyft is retaliating against Minneapolis. I had chosen them over Uber as that transportation provider in a pinch. Now I need to rethink that. I am a St. Paul resident, for the record.