Hogwarts Clock Tower, including clock face and dormitory


Hogwarts Clock Tower, phase four. Including Professor Moody’s office


Hogwarts Clock Tower phase three. I did not expect the Tri-Wizard Cup, nor the chest containing the real “Mad-Eye” Moody


Hogwarts Clock Tower phase two including bath and Dumbledore’s office

Building the Hogwarts Clock Tower kit

Assembly complete, including concessions (note chocolate frog) and dementor.

My daughter Sofia asked me if I have ever been to Hogwarts. Though I considered several responses, I answered “No…” I was taken aback when she said “I hope you get your letter!” #proudPoppa #ParentingDoneRight

Build now including coal tender and Hermione

Hogwarts Express engine

TIL: I need a work light and a magnifying glass. For LEGO

Kings Cross station as imagined by LEGO. Including Harry, Ron, Scabbers (the rat), and Professor Lupin.

Lake Phalen, Saint Paul, MN

Water Lantern Festival

One of my musical happy places is Eyes of the World by the Grateful Dead. My favorite recorded version is from the Without a Net compilation–all 16 minutes of it!

It’s also fun that I reset my Keychain recently because of issues. So, in doing a multi-factor authentication this morning, I needed to use a second multi-factor authentication process to get to the item I needed for the first.

In this era of complex passwords, it routinely takes me 4 or 5 attempts to correctly authenticate every morning

The more I think about writing, the more difficult the act itself seems to become.


What temperature are tamales traditionally cooked to? Because the tamales we have delivered are always still finger-burn-y hot…

I’m not a man of means, but I can do this.

“He’s going to try to get this working…”

No, he isn’t going to try anything. He is going to do it.

Applying Combo Update for good measure after finally getting into the user profile. “About 10 minutes remaining.” So, I am hopeful.

I feel a little like I’m crazy or out of step with macOS troubleshooting because I have been working on a newer MacBook Air and it isn’t behaving like anything I have seen before. Suffice it to say, resetting the NVRAM seems to have been the key… after the third or fourth time.

America has chosen several versions of the same thing. #TheVoice