If you celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA, I hope yours was a good one.

My wife and I hosted, inviting others to join us at our home. Everything came together in a way that was greater than the sum of its parts. I’m grateful to have a home to share, and surplus to share within.

It don’t know if it’s a ritual, but maybe it should be. That first sip of coffee in the morning is absolutely the best

Adele Got Spotify to Remove the Shuffle Button from Album Pages

I personally have no problem with this.

I know people just want to hear specific songs, but I have always felt an album was a statement and was meant to be consumed as a whole unit.

Evidence of this from the CD era is Prince’s Lovesexy album. It was released with all of the songs on a single track. If you wanted to get to a specific place, you needed to fast-forward or rewind much like with older analog mediums.

Long story short, I support this action.

If you want to hear only specific songs in a specific order, as a consumer you absolutely have that power in your ability to build your own playlists.

At the end of the day, when my watch celebrates that I have stood on my feet at least 12 times, I feel like the bar is not set very high

It’s Complicated

A playlist I’m developing. Track order needs attention. Linking the tracks is what I would call a rhythmic complexity, even if the time signatures aren’t unusual. If you get lost, the beat will bring you back. You’ll need a tolerance for ‘90’s and 2000’s Electronica, but other genres are included.

There are some low notes. I recommend over-the-ear cans or a place you can feel the noise.

Apologies to Gaping Void for the theft of his artwork. Art on the back of business cards was there when I needed it.

This morning I did find the keys that I was increasingly concerned were gone for good. They were in the correct pocket of the wrong pants.

There’s an AirTag on the keychain now. It will help, though I’m sure I will be able to invent cases where the tag won’t help.


Atlas Obscura is wonderful.

How Scholars Cracked a Medieval Alchemist’s Secret Code

When you misplace your keys really well for the second time in a week and buy Apple AirTags with a simultaneous sense of shame and gratitude


When you work in the same building for nine years but consistently walk to the wrong place to take the elevator


That feeling of relief when you did the right research, bought the correct replacement part, and your PC reboots just as if you knew what you were doing