Dishwasher replaced today. So grateful, I’m running my third load.

This probably opens me up to jokes. So be it.

The rate at which I am losing elders in my family is alarming. I’ve made it into my fifties before feeling that way, for which I count myself fortunate. But I’m getting closer to the front of the line and it is sobering.

Blast from the past: it was fun to hear music from The 5th Dimension on CBS Sunday Morning. I was born after they were already popular, but I heard a lot of their songs before I know it was them.

Joined Twitter on this day in 2008. In those days we talked about ambient connectivity and hashtags were just becoming a thing.

Bluejays and cardinals at the feeder. They are lovely in the morning sun

Between the apps I use and my browser history, I can’t figure out who had the link to the “Beautiful Bubble”–however I fully support and endorse this. I had already taken several of the steps outlined and this is a great framework for improvement.


To render a blockquote correctly in the Timeline and in the Marfa template, the blockquote must be preceded by a blank line. The Post Preview function shows what I expected, but the timeline and the published content did not until I added the blank line.


From an email subscription today:

So be good to each other. Be humble and kind. Be generous. If you fight for anything, fight for justice and fairness. That’s what we were put here for.

This is what I believe.

Listening to a lot of Echodrone, today. Bought two albums and am excited for a new release next month.

Music saves.

As I transitioned the SIM in my phone from Sprint to T-Mobile, today, I learned I’ve been a Sprint customer for 21 years. I doubt that counts for much to the business, but I wish it carried some weight.

I have a non-neurotypical daughter in a school system that has doubled-down on the use of law enforcement, restraint, and seclusion to control the student population. I’m not okay with this policy and we are opting out of the traditional school system after this school year.

I will say this about social media: It is what I make it. I have stolen a strategy from Mr. Rogers, which is to find the helpers. In this case? I subcribe to or follow the helpers. There are so many people who are trying to make a difference. I am so grateful.

I recently relistened to Feels So Good by Chuck Mangione. I was in search of the source of a sample. I was in the right era and close to my target, but this was a miss. Except, listening to the full album track, I really enjoyed the musicianship—not only of The Man Himself, but also of the full accompanying band. Now, of course, it’s my current ear worm.

You’re welcome.

When the wind makes it feel colder than it is… 15 degrees Fahrenheit

My biggest professional challenge is to adjust my thinking from a tactically-thinking individual to a more strategically-thinking manager. This is something I want to do well. Is there a support group for that? Is it called Everyone? Do they meet at the drinking-establishment?

Someone at work today made a clever reference to Whole Lotta Love, comparing project status to the middle section of the song.

So naturally, I have listened to Led Zeppelin II in it’s entirety. Working through Mothership as I write this.