Just watched Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage. Now, of course, I’m listening to more Rush…

Apple Rosedale Center. You know those unboxing videos where the thing falls onto the floor? Yeah…

Holiday Store # 368.

APi Group. Monday has presented a few surmounted hurdles already. What more could be in store?


Apple Rosedale Center.

Target. Prescriptions and suchlike

McDonald’s. Low low low carb

APi Group. Where has the week gone? Today has been complex.

Deeply grateful for the series of events that helped the human race to discover that menthol stops the coughing. Also grateful to the candy makers who experimented with flavors like menthol. The art of the lemon drop is the art of the cough drop. I can sleep and so can my family.

Holiday Station Store. Gas, oil, air and very cold fingers

Hy-Vee. Supplies for my tummy

Holiday Station Store.

I was unable to beard any longer

I’m left to wonder, due to the apparent commonality of the circumstance, if all of my shirts aren’t stained in some subtle but ultimately visible way

The Exchange - Food & Drink. Lunch with my team, welcoming a new member

APi Group. Strange day wherein one important tool was only partially receptive to my use of it, preventing productivity and requiring others to assist

Pancheros Mexican Grill.


Apple Rosedale Center. Quick trip to get a case for a work phone

Listening to Thaddeus Russell interview Donald Hoffman, I was deeply struck by the idea that our senses evolved to keep us alive, not to tell us the truth.

Kwik Trip.


Almost showtime

Ordway Center for the Performing Arts. Once on this Island