“…a towel has immense psychological value”

Amazing how things change. I saw an article about Atari finally winning the original n war with their purchase of Intellivision. I had an Intellivision, but all my friends had Atari. Then Colecovision had way better home versions of arcade games (in those days). Atari always had greater mindshare.

Changed a display panel for my “home theater” system for a bigger one. Suddenly the HDMI cable from the receiver to the display was an issue. The one that had worked wonderfully for years needed to be replaced. Now, for the first time evar, the AppleTV realizes it’s connected to a receiver. What?

I am amused when things are described as MacBook killers, or iPhone killers. If they aren’t running MacOS or iOS, how are they pretending to compete? I’ve used Windows computers since 1995, Macs since 2005. They are not made for the same audiences. Most minds are made up.

At the Expo with the Oddities

ugh. 7 gig download to restore an iPad with a Home button.

Aurora in Minnesota

Looking up toward Arcturus

I have ADHD. The extent to which my intent and my results do not match is death by 1000 paper cuts

I work in IT. Every “problem” I “solve” creates concerns about deeper issues I cannot address in my role. After a long carreer of this, the more I feel like my “answers” are glib, or shallow, and are only work-arounds at best. Everywhere I look, I see the proverbial bailing wire and twine.