Imation Corp.. Impact Group

Wendy’s. Yes, I would like fries with that


Sports Clips.

APi Group. Sun is shining. It’s a beautiful day

Target. Sundry items

Poring over blood test results this afternoon. I got the raw data and terse summary in today’s mail.

I found that Lab Tests Online has a Tests Index that is a great tool for translating acronyms or medical terms into terms I understand.

Wendy’s. In a pinch…

Target. New prescription and new supplies

Catrina’s Cerveza and Grill. Lunch with colleagues and a good partner


My latest gadget. I have work to do.

Holiday Station Store.

Entira. Getting a Flu Swab

Taco John’s.

IOS Wish List:

Make all your devices respect the Silence Unknown Callers toggle.

I know cell phones only ring for an interval like 21 or 23 seconds, but in certain circumstances, that is the longest 23 seconds of my life.

So, I’ve toggled Calls on other devices to Off

APi Group.



Status: Poppa and Daughter Dinner

APi Group. Another opportunity to work on a kind of tool I haven’t worked with before. IT work is almost all problem-solving and almost no expertise

I’m tired of boot laces breaking. I’ve invested in two sets made by Ironlace. I hope they are better!