City of St. Paul: We’re going to spend 4 days replowing snow from the city streets

Everyone: It’s about time!

2 Days Later

City of St. Paul: There’s snow coming so we are going to stop the plowing plan

Everyone: …

Snow Arrives

City of St. Paul: Okay, we declared a Snow Emergency so we’re going to plow all of the streets, except faster

Everyone: Here we go.

I’ve learned more about the former owner of the company I work for in 10 minutes of reading newspaper articles than in the 10 years I’ve worked at his company.

Finally seeing the Mac Mini offered with the amount of internal storage to properly manage a large iTunes (Apple Music, Apple TV) library.

While the cloud is getting better and better, I still like the idea that I can play media without approaching data caps.

When someone posts a collection of music they think is good and then you spend money on music: Rare Shoegaze Gems From All Eras Unearthed

It contained exactly none of the bands I expected. And the world just got a little larger.

When you pour yourself a delicious coffee in a tumbler and then leave the tumbler behind. Monday.

I’ve entertained several times the idea of a private Wordpress instance to archive all the blog things from ever. Wordpress will import a lot, but significant gaps are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This is me regretting giving my words to the care of corporations.

I did get my Twitter data. Tweets aren’t particularly portable at this point. I’m not interested in self-hosted Worpress to see if maybe someone else’s script might import them correctly. Not finding any service that will simply ingest them automagically. So that is on pause.

True to form: Vikings make the playoffs on a wildcard and choke in the first round.

Thinking hard about advice I received from, to abandon services that can be controlled by an oligarch.

Wondering how soon I might get an archive of my data from Twitter? I’d guess they aren’t going to be in a hurry. My intent is to merge those posts into and then to ghost Twitter.