Happy Thanksgiving, to one and all!

Holiday Station Store. Because that snowblower doesn’t run or air or sweat. And because I forgot to get gasoline when the weather was better

The strangest thing about snowstorms at night, in populated areas, is the light. Brighter than a full moon, our artificial lights are reflected back to us from the crystal ice falling gently down

The apparent slow death of OwnYourGram might be the inspiration I need to move on.

I am experimenting with own your swarm. It is remarkable how, looking back, a few words can help reconstruct a day. Also? Looking for more opportunities to jot down a few thoughts…


Hy-Vee Gas.

Garlough Elementary. Holiday pick-up

Denny’s. Going to eat emotionally.

Garlough Elementary. There will be a plan.

Starbucks. Because adulting requires caffeine

Garlough Elementary.

Fraser Woodbury Clinic. Participating in my daughter’s routine this morning

“Find your good. And do it.”


Tron and the Future

The Users are the center of it all, and now that the control of the Users is getting so tight, and restrictive, it simply pushes the vapors through the cracks, and under the door, you can’t stop it, the time has come, fight for the Users, let the next tech revolution begin, it will be a great oversight and shock to the Googles and Apples of the world, but it must be, or we face those science fiction scenarios which, at this point, if we slide into in this next decade, it means the genres of the apocalyptic scene, it means Skynet, it means killer robots, it means Blade Runner, it means Escape from New York. It will make William Gibson novels look like the Jetsons.

Tron and the Future
Exploring the Meaning of Tron: Legacy
The Mythologies of “Tron: Legacy”


As I work to become more fully alert this morning, I am grateful for coffee.

APi Group. Team meeting, today. TGIF

The Exchange - Food & Drink.

Tim Cook for President?

APi Group. Work smarter and faster or die trying

APi Group.


APi Group. Monday after maintenance weekend

Wendy’s. Ordered and paid online, however they do not prepare your order until you arrive. But if your order is complicated (GF), this method is nice