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I'm Not Carrying Two Phones Anymore

I have carried multiple communication devices several times in my career, including for the past 5 years at my current employer. My rationalization initially was to separate support calls from my personal life. A second benefit was to use a second carrier on different spectrum to ensure strong signal.

Logistically, that’s two devices on my person. Two Apple IDs. Two places for notifications to acknowledge. Two calendars. Two devices to update and to charge every day. More stuff to pack when I travel.

I’m not two people. I understand now that the extra effort is a distraction from more importal goals and work. I’m not Work Hjalmer and Home Hjalmer. I’m Hjalmer.

So I’m simplifying to a single device: Transitioning this weekend, then cutting service for the second number this week.

For folks in my personal life, I’m keeping the number I’ve had since about 2002. For my work colleagues, stay tuned for updates through official channels.