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Progress on Personal Planning Tools

I’m casting my lot with Things at the moment.

I’ve been lost for a long time after I moved away from Palm Pilots. I never really got traction in Outlook or PlanPlus on the software side. I have flirted with Things, OmniFocus, Microsoft ToDo, Wonderlist, Informant, ToodleDo, Evernote, Tasks and Notes.

On the paper side I’ve tried Franklin-Covey methodology, I’ve carried Midori travel notebooks and I have tried Bullet Journaling.

I love paper. I love pencils. I love fountain pens. I found a roller ball pen that I like using that won’t explode or break in my pockets.

I found out I like grid-lined notebooks but I love dot-grid even more. I found out I don’t love the shape of Midori paper, I prefer A4 and A5 sized notepads and notebooks. Leuchtterm and Scribbles that Matter make notebooks that are wonderful companions. Skip the decorative layouts from YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. Stick to The System.

I’m good at capture on paper but really bad at follow-through and prioritizing. And especially bad at keeping important things from previous days in front of me. This is my biggest opportunity.

So, wow, tools have really become much better. I understand what I want to accomplish better. And and ideas from Bullet Journaling really translate to software in ways I wouldn’t have understood without taking my second Oddyssey through journaling on paper. This makes me happy.

I still have to do the work, but I’m excited.

The next quest is for software I can keep in my phone to help with habit-tracking, tracking meals, tracking moods and other health characteristics. I have a lot of changes to make.

I’m open to suggestions on places to look and methods to explore.