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Travel Experiences

  1. In US tourist areas/high season, do not assume the convenience stores will have a “working” bathroom. I would estimate odds are worse than 50/50 against you.
  2. Hilton Home2 is pet-friendly and could make a great base of operations. Our experiences in two locations were very good
  3. AirBnB hosts and homes are really lovely, though mattresses on beds are uneven. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be, to provide a good mattress yet subject it to the whims of visitors about whom nothing is known—though hotels seem to have that sussed.
  4. Gentrification is a thing. Wealthy individuals and large companies swoop in, buy land and build monstrosities that block everything out for people who have lived in an area for generations, then shut them out because prices sky-rocket to cater to more wealthy people who care nothing for the area, the local population, nor the natural environment. I’m grateful for land designated as parkland—so at least there are some limits to “growth”. Yes, I see how I contribute.
  5. Being near the ocean is powerful. I hope I can always appreciate this.
  6. The ocean is powerful. I hope I never underestimate this.
  7. Sometimes the asshole on the road is me.