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Saga Conversations — For reasons I don’t understand, this song has been an earworm for weeks. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

From their Worlds Apart album, which is an old favorite of mine.

Listening to a lot of Seasurfer lately. I discovered them a few years ago and was reacquainted with them again a few weeks ago. Most recent album has what would call more of a dark wave sound, more synth. Earlier albums I would call more shoegaze. But layers, distortion, reverb and harmonies all throughout

Just listened to an album from 1991 that I had forgotten about, Culture Beat’s Horizon.

I got the cassette as a promo from a record store I worked at. Clearly it was in-store play, because it had one of the stickers we used. And it was something I liked enough to put my initial on, to claim once it was rotated out in favor of something newer.

That’s the main reason I looked it up to stream. Because back then, I had to wait for it. And I kept it after a lot of exposure to it.

It’s super much a statement of the time, with several tracks leaning heavily on other popular tracks and popular samples. One of the tracks was so much like Pump Up the Jam that a decent DJ could probably have faded between the two tracks very easily.

I did not buy the whole album digitally, but a few tracks stood out. Namely No Deeper Meaning, due to the sampling of Change by Tears for Fears, which still makes me squee.

The second half of the album, roughly Side 2, is much less caught in 1991, if still referential (if not reverential). The drums from Running Up that Hill in the outro was a nice touch.

That was a fun time machine ride.

Inaugurating the movement of my Den to the main floor of my house with a viewing of the R40 concert film. Playback started before wiring was complete, but halfway through everything seems well dialed in.

It’s Complicated

A playlist I’m developing. Track order needs sorting. Linking or uniting the tracks is what I would call a rhythmic complexity, even if the time signatures aren’t unusual. If you get lost, the beat will bring you back. You’ll need a tolerance for ‘90’s and 2000’s Electronica, but other genres are included.

There are some low notes. I recommend over-the-ear cans or a place you can feel the noise.

Apologies to Gaping Void for the theft of his artwork. Art on the back of business cards was a thing when I needed it.

Heard Take Me Home on satellite radio earlier today. Because I owned No Jacket Required, naturally, Sussudio is now an ear worm.

Phil Collins, y’all!

You’re welcome.

I always wanted to be a DJ, from the days I listened to my Radio Shack FM radio all day long as a boy. The people pushing out the sounds always seemed to have a finger on a pulse. They seemed to connect to something. I imagined a depth and breadth of knowledge and a currency that I’m sure was impossible to attain in reality.

In the 90s I took a job at a record store, which in some ways was a sort of dream come true. I thought I knew about music. I was an avid consumer of what radio and MTV fed me. But it was then that my education began.

When techno and electronica hit, my DJ dream shifted. I wanted to play the records that moved the people in the moment. I have played with decks and mixers a teensy bit. I played with a friend’s collection of vinyl and did my best to beat-match records during a small gathering.

I’ve made lots and lots of mix tapes, that mostly no one has ever heard, but me.

What’s happened is I’ve collected a lot of music over time. I am infected by people who are enthusiastic about a genre or a scene.

Music is so powerful.

It is a giant river, life-giving and fertile like the Amazon or the Nile. Some of it is written down or recorded, where it lives in the vast ocean.

Just like I can’t read every book, I can’t hear every record.

I have been listening to a series of playlists generated by someone close to my own age, that span years including the four that I spent at the record store.

Boy, is it resurfacing old thoughts and ideas and dreams.

The cool part is I agree with many of the selections.

The cool part is I’m hearing songs I would have never heard, otherwise.

The cool part is there is always such good music.

If you do the Apple Music thing, I’m here and I like to share.