My latest thinking on the API blocking on the Billionaire Social Club is that the API’s will be turned on when the developers agree to pay for the privilege. Or pay more. Not sure what it takes to get an API key, to begin with.

Maybe a strategy to kill an albatross of an investment is to make so many offensive decisions that it is litigated out of existence. Genius!

Fascinating perspective on 1970s stagflation: The Forgotten History of the 1970s

Spent six hours today in a situation room because Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Defender are both in use at my organization. Please know that Microsoft Threat Protection can be leveraged to modify the contents of your PC and your user account can do nothing to prevent it.

Is anyone else really fatigued with the sensational adjectives in sound bites and headlines? I feel like everything is click-bait or attention-bait. I’m trying really hard to opt out of it but it is feeling more difficult to escape.

Sorry about the double post in the timeline. Not sure how I did that. Posts only shows the one.

Do not love wearing a mask. But Doc says “Do.” #CheckUp

I’ve decided that it’s okay to suspend a social media service for violations of my community standards.

“Snuck” into my house today, just to peek at the state of the remodel. I miss my home. Still months to go.

Today, I was reminded that I am in fact a Vikings fan. And tonight’s loss affected my mood in a way that I’m not proud of.