I have built three Lego kits in the last few weeks. I’ve learned there is a larger Lego community online. Here we go.

When Swarm tells you that you have been to a place 80 times… that’s the equivalent of once a month since I have moved to the area

This article about the Heraldic Rebus makes me wonder if I couldn’t come up with something clever. Not a lot of homophones for the syllables in my name—that I can think of—that would also be easy to depict with an obvious signifier. Or are there?

Late as I am to all things cool, I started watching The Sandman series on Netflix. Enjoyed the first two episodes, I think 11 have posted so far. Plan to keep watching. Not sure where my copy of Preludes and Nocturnes has gone. Need to find it.

That thing where the older I get, the more I realize what a pain in the ass I was for my parents. Dad’s gone. Can’t apologize.

Speaking as an IT Guy, it’s never not a treat to unbox a new MacBook Pro. Setting up an M1 Pro with 32GB of RAM for a great colleague. Feeling covetous.

As a person old enough to remember junk food (case in point, that phrase) before health scares, I am disappointed that my salty snacks aren’t as salty as they used to be.

Loss of smell and taste is a quality of life thing that is not to be underestimated. Hope this is really temporary

Blast it. Home test tonight says COVID.

If you liken the MRI experience to Noise Core, and think about how some of the sounds would feel set to beats and sent through a wall of bass drivers, it’s easier to get through