Slashdot: Your Internet Data is Rotting

All Yours by Submotion Orchestra

I. Cannot. Get. Enough.

The True Cause of Dread and Anxiety

Like a laser, when I least expected it.

Sometimes, the tankard of coffee is what you need.

Fun to learn a bigger story:

Did Ellis Island Really Change People’s Names?

/Vintage News

When the Sun Hits

A music blog with the tagline: Your resource for all things shoegaze and dream pop

The neighbors are setting off Easter fireworks. So we have that going for us…

Starting the season with new wheels!

B-52s — Strobe Light

It has been a long time, Florida. Thanks for being kind.

That feeling when you read something that feels like it was written with you in mind: Wally Bock on Decompression —especially the phrase “Assume you’re the problem”

Status. #HDIConf #RobertVanWinkle

Status: Neither here nor there

Science Museum of Minnesota

I still love dinosaurs!

If you think of Apple as a company that makes computers and software, today’s keynote is confusing. If you think of Apple as a group of people who have adopted a mission, everything revealed today makes sense as a part of that.

Special treat today: watching an Apple Keynote live

Haikus came up in Conversation, so I smiled. I miss making art.

A mantra, for when you need it

It was a treat tonight driving home in rain, in temperatures above freezing, in day light. I’m ready for longer days and Summer temperatures.

That feeling when you go to the break room, there’s nobody to wait for, the coffee carafe is full, and you make no spills

Possibly my favorite snack in the whole world.

Playing in the snow

Photo Challenge: Day 1 of 7

Groceries are laid in. Let the snow begin.