AT&T. Because with an eSIM, a factory restore wipes that number. So I need a QR code

APi Group. Citrix changes make for support calls

Starbucks. Venti flat white with an extra shot of espresso

Amstar Gas Station.

APi Group. Not my most efficient or effective day but lots was done and worked on



Pancheros Mexican Grill. Because I love Mexican food

APi Group. Monday traffic after a light snow. By now in the season folks are more measured on the road

Is Memorial Listening a thing?

I think a bunch of old guys like me are thinking about Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta, The Spirit of the Radio and similar topics whilst playing giant drum kits in our heads.

Neil Peart is the best drummer, ever


APi Group. Last work day but plenty to accomplish

Culver’s. Because there was a SNAFU with Door Dash. But also, as always, gluten-free buns for the win

Holiday Station Store.

Green Mill Restaurant & Bar.

Wendy’s. Quick lunch

Holiday Inn Blmgtn Arpt South- Mall Area. Fred Pryor seminar today

Holiday Station Store.

Starbucks. Coffee is always appropriate

Garlough Elementary. Rare pickup with Sofia

Culver’s. I am always grateful for gluten-free options, and I support businesses that make it easy to be me

Kwik Trip.

Holiday Station Store.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Tron Legacy character Zuse is probably not a reference to the Hellenistic pantheon as much as a nod to Konrad Zuse. I had wondered why the character was so vulnerable.