I imagined at some point my daughter might enjoy gaming. That day has arrived and I’m learning about Minecraft. Just now learning to take care of villagers and keep the zombies out. And I love building.

People Aren’t Stupid

Sometimes when Microsoft products are doing things you don’t want, you have to approach the resolution by asking if this might be a feature.

I solved a problem a client was having today by learning more about the application. There’s a lot of keyboard shortcuts that do things.

The flip side of old photos are the reminders of what we don’t carry forward. Those experiences that are formative, important, and worth honoring for what they taught us—but may not remind us of our best selves.

We have spent much of the day going through family photos. We would like to set up part of our home to honor our ancestors—those who have gone before us. I feel blessed to have some of the photos and mementos that I have. And it is lovely to feel that I’m part of a long story.

The Five Gifts of Hathor

A long preamble, but the gold is at the end. Both clever and powerful.

Giving my health insurance a workout these last few weeks. Most tests returning good or normal results. One more big test, Monday and an annual eye-exam Wednesday. Hoping things will taper after this, but happy today’s exam was normal.

Hail Coffee, full of cream!

Caffeine is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst beverages, and blessed is the result of thy consumption, wakefulness.

Holy coffee, color of mud, be there for us workers, now at the hour of our commute.


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Started today with a bang. And an expletive. That was me falling on the stairs

It’s an old microwave but it still warms my heart. The first button is for making popcorn 🍿