Just picked up BOO - EP by Dead Leaf Echo. They are on Bandcamp

I’m intrigued by the idea that an Apple Watch might be able to be paired to devices that are not phones, or possibly paired to more than one phone. I have long wanted my Apple life to be less phone-centric. I’d prefer a cellular iPad as a primary device. Or maybe a cellular watch—and no phone.

The mysterious Great Attractor that’s pulling us in

Contemplating the infinite is awesome. The few facts we have are only hors d’œuvres in a meal we can’t yet imagine.

Privileged to witness Northern Lights again tonight. Connected with good friends in the field, too!

I put my name in the hat for the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica settlement. There was a part of the form that was looking for start and end dates. On closer reading it was for people who no longer have accounts. Since mine is still currently active, that should be easy enough to confirm.

First gained access to Facebook in 2008. I used to post a lot of updates, every day. Not saying they were great, but a lot closer to stream of consciousness than what I’ve done these last many years

Scrolling back through my Facebook history, learned I quit Friendster and MySpace in 2009.

I did the thing and imported my tweets. I’m owning my history, as mundane as it is. I would like to thank @manton for re-enabling this functionality.

Air travel is still amazing. This morning I was in New Jersey. Posting this from my living room in St. Paul, MN. First pic is proof I was there from a friend. Second shot is my favorite of the day.

White Glove Delivery: Weasels who will use every opportunity to not do what you’ve paid handsomely for them to do. If it only happened once or twice I’d chalk it up to bad actors. I’m finding it is consistent behavior across providers. The delivery personnel give no shits.