Groove for your Friday:

The Way You Dream” by 1 Giant Leap

I’m one of those people who opted to follow all the accounts on Threads that I follow on Instagram. It’s not a small number. Notifications of those accounts coming online is becoming much more frequent.

Not saying. Just saying.

Groove for your Thursday:

I Am You” from Nightmares on Wax

I just learned that Sinéad has died. It took me a long time to understand all of the things she was trying to accomplish and what she was fighting against. I have long admired her courage.

Screenwriter’s Blues lyrics hit a little different this year, though maybe not if you’re actually from Los Angeles:

It is 5 am
And the sun has charred
The other side of
The world and come
Back to us
And painted the smoke
Over our heads
An imperial violet

It’s still my favorite Soul Coughing song

When your family gives you feedback, and they’re not wrong, it’s time to do better.

Internet says I am not the first person to wonder if Elon’s going to be found infringing on the X Windows trademark.

For the last few weeks I have been listening to music used in the Hulu series Letterkenny. I noticed as I have been working through watching the series that I like a lot of the music. I started using Shazam, but then wondered if anyone had assembled a playlist. They have. Spotify and Apple Music.

Just discovered a musician named Anthony Vincent tonight, because TikTok. Video was of Enter Sandman done in the style of David Bowie. It’s beautifully done—it is released as Enter Starman.

If you’re okay with that, he also has a track called Down with the Sickness Tears, which is also very 80s.

I didn’t really want Watch OS to be changed. Been rocking a Series 4 since it was new. But I’m coming around to the changes in Watch OS 10. Won’t lie, some of the changes were maddening at first, but I’m noticing the polish now and I’m happy. The Snoopy watch face has to be seen to be believed.