Just discovered a musician named Anthony Vincent tonight, because TikTok. Video was of Enter Sandman done in the style of David Bowie. It’s beautifully done—it is released as Enter Starman.

If you’re okay with that, he also has a track called Down with the Sickness Tears, which is also very 80s.

I didn’t really want Watch OS to be changed. Been rocking a Series 4 since it was new. But I’m coming around to the changes in Watch OS 10. Won’t lie, some of the changes were maddening at first, but I’m noticing the polish now and I’m happy. The Snoopy watch face has to be seen to be believed.

I opted to follow all the same accounts on Threads as Instagram. Unintended consequence: Lots of notifications of accepting follow requests and even a few follow-backs.

The quiet purgatory of the exam room.

Just visiting. Quartely check-up.

I use a 4K panel and a 2K panel at work and I’m amazed by the amount of screen real estate applications think they are entitled to. There is nothing that I want in a window that consumes either display, and I would love applications that remember this.

I am working hard to increase my step count. This makes me grateful for the Tylenol in the desk drawer.

Today, just a few weeks shy of my 55th year on this planet, I learned you can aggressively deploy tin foil, pre-emptively, to protect your stove from the spatter of things you may be cooking. That had not occurred to us, Dude.

Not sure how I feel about the Evernote purchase and layoff of most staff. I looked at the website of Bending Spoons, including their manifesto, and I can’t reconcile that idealism with their actions. I’m hoping it will make sense. I’m hoping the product is improved. But I’m ready to export to Notes.

Cynical prediction: Twitter becomes profitable only as a patent troll, then ultimately their IP will be sold to a consortium—long after litigation forces services that have vague similarities to Twitter to do algorithmic contortions.

At least they are consistent. No iPad specific Threads client at this time.