To be honest, I feel that written communication allows me to show my best self in a way that eludes me in the moment.

I do prefer the written word. There is something about seeing my thoughts that lends itself to me better understanding my own reactions and circumstances.

Emotions prevent me from reaching out. Guilt about how long I have not communicated also keeps me from connecting. If there’s any form of conflict, it’s going to take me time build the energy to address it. If time passes, guilt is part of the emotional cocktail. And so on.

I have a lot of anxiety around initiating communication. I hate making phone calls for this reason, especially knowing how intrusive a call can be. I do have a phone number but most people I know probably don’t know what it is. Has been the same for more than 20 years.

Started a Hello page, but I want to use too many words and over explain. I’m working on a draft, but I will have to distill it for a while. I love one-on-one coversations. In groups, I recede as I process and correlate and think of things to say that the coversation has already left behind

Bone conduction headphones and multipoint pairing make a wonderful tool to use at work

If you put the work into rating tracks in your music library, the result can be of a playlist based on your highest-rated tracks. Set up shuffle or random play, use a 12-second crossfade, and welcome to your perpetual soundtrack.

That feeling when you have been using Mac OS for a long time and you discover something about the UI that you didn’t know.

As a resident of geography that might be referred to by some as “fly-over-country,” I’m often grateful but sometimes resentful.

If we don’t repeat the stories, no one else can know them