The Author

I blog because I feel like I need to. Whether or not it is a good idea is a separate discussion.

I work in technology because I like knowing how things work. My innate, incorrigible curiosity benefits others and it’s a handy way to make a living. I have recently realized what broad latitude for experimentation I have enjoyed in my career and what a privilege this has been. I enjoy that I cannot sit still, that there is always more to know, and that I must learn.

In my spare time I enjoy reading news about technology, IT security, nutrition, physiology, psychology, psychiatry, human sexuality, entheogens, geology, astronomy, climate, mythology and ancient history. Those topics can intersect in the most fascinating ways. I deeply enjoy learning about the cutting edges and seeing new knowledge applied across disciplines.

I like Science Fiction, Fantasy, and vampires. I don’t like zombies.

I still love cars.

I still buy music.

I am a fan of humanity. I’m exhausted by our dystopian entertainment and news coverage. More than six billion people on Earth get along pretty well every day. That doesn’t ever make the news, but it should.

I’m still a techno-futurist and still a fan of an idea that when we work together we do incredible things despite incredible odds. That’s a great descriptor of what is best in us.

I’m still working on being the best version of me because I believe the people in my life deserve it.

I have a little home and a little garden in St. Paul, MN.

My wife and daughter tolerate all of my quirks and love me anyway. For this, I am eternally grateful.

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