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ADHD, Neurodivergent, Light Theme, Slytherin, Trekker, Father, Husband, Curious, Geek

Blog Name: 1-1

One. Dash. One. My URL because the three characters together resemble the letter H, and it never occurred to me to call my blog “h”.

For me, the three characters 1-1 are shorthand for the idea of one-to-one communication. I see the written medium as a relationship between an author and a reader.

Blog Engine

This part of my web presence is hosted on the Micro.blog service and engine. Pages are static, with updates occurring as edits are made. There are free and paid levels of service that include hosting images, audio or video content.

Micro.blog harkens back In some ways to early days of Web Logs, yet new posts appear in a stream similar to other forms of social media. There are no visible Follower Counts, no Likes, no Reblogs. But you can have a conversation by replying to a post in your stream, or via an @ mention.


I work in technology because I like knowing how things work. It’s a great place to be curious and to be allowed to explore a fascination while also memorizing things. I have recently realized what broad latitude for experimentation I have enjoyed in my career and what a privilege this has been. I enjoy that there is always more to know just as there are continually novel problems to solve.

If I do my work well, people can focus on the business and the technology just works.


In my spare time I enjoy learning. Any two topics intersect in fascinating ways. I enjoy seeing new knowledge applied across disciplines.

I study the science behind topics that interest me. It’s a great way to shed dogma and false-but-cherished beliefs.

Unique applications of ideas open doors.

My Cœliac, my Diabetes and my Lymphocytic Colitis mean that I must evolve and learn new ways to be healthy and to enjoy food.

I like Science Fiction, Fantasy, Cyberpunk, and vampires.

I exist in many fandoms: Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Tolkien, Pirates of the Carribbean, Big Lebowski, Merry Gentry, Anita Blake, Lego

I love cars, watches, steam engines and exciting combinations of energy and inertia.

I still buy music. Music moves me. I will learn to play something well.

I enjoy maduro cigars. I haven’t tried pipe tobacco but I might.

I enjoy añejo tequila, old scotch, and estate rum.

I adore coffee. Half-and-half or cream please. No sugar. Espresso is lovely.

I study symbols.

I am drawn to The Mystery.


I’m exhausted by dystopian entertainment and outrage news coverage. More than six billion people on Earth get along pretty well every day. I don’t really watch the news anymore. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I’ve had enough. What is happening is important, but so is what I can do.

I’m a techno-futurist and still a fan of an idea that when we work together we do incredible things despite incredible odds.

Change is hard, but I believe I can do better.


I have a little home and a little garden in St. Paul, MN.

My wife and daughter tolerate all of my quirks and love me anyway. For this, I am eternally grateful.