@evan If there aren’t more than four choices, and without knowing more, I’d suggest 3-6 months

@isucceed I’ve been using Hover because they were substantially cheaper than eNom, where I started. I’m happy with the tools I have and haven’t found a reason to change.

@evan If you’re currently friends, not a minute before you’re willing to risk the relationship with that person entirely. That question could lead to assumptions about the basis of your relationship. There probably isn’t a good answer as it would depend on how the relationship ended, primarily, and secondarily if there is interest in re-kindling on the part of the person you’re interested in.

@danj @patrickrhone I concur completely and wholeheartedly on the DM albums. But also good news because I haven't watched Atomic Blonde yet, either.

@otaviocc Thank you! Mask is 2-layer from 3M's PPE store. Seems like it's better than the more flimsy "surgical" masks

@billbennettnz I was very sceptical about Bluetooth initially. I was very concerned I would need a wire for things to sound good. Devices like these helped me to wade in.

@billbennettnz I’ve used such a thing in the past. Is this the direction you are thinking?

@tomw So much this. Fearlessly clicking on other clearly labeled elements is another.