@rcrackley Always interested in learning more. Now I have a “new” thing to check out. I don’t believe I had heard of Fine China before.

@petebrown I agree. Hate to invoke Cocteau Twins or My Bloody Valentine too often, but they made it possible

@patrickrhone Copied that link into my personal notes. This is a beautiful way to highlight the work one does or the value one brings.

@patrickrhone This is really hard news. I’d always appreciated her clarity of writing and vulnerability. As a survivor, this is a sobering reminder that the slippery slope always exists.

@BenSouthwood I’m all in. Apple One for the whole family and iTunes Match. It’s more than I need, but doubled my iCloud storage, so there’s that.

@pimoore High hopes, here, too. I'm ready to be disappointed but I feel it's movement in a direction I like.