@bix I have a pair of wireless earbuds that I have to reset, “forget”, and re-pair every few weeks. IPhone 8 Plus and TaoTronics earbuds

@simonwoods There are a couple of tracks in the Reconfigured remix collection that sample Flynn’s statement. I love it. Also, I’m a sucker for symbolism. X-Files movie was another that invoked a rescue from the underworld... not that it’s an uncommon theme…

@garciabuxton As an admirer of clever turns-of-phrase, I love your 'blog's name. I, too, appreciate your explanation of your three words and your willingness to share vulnerability.

@leo Thank you for sharing that perspective about Twitter. I agree that Twitter has probably been useful in bursting many comfortable bubbles.

@bix I don't have retweets 100% off, either. Likewise, as soon as I follow new accounts, the next click is to turn off retweets.

@macgenie My pride got in the way quite quickly. It wasn't until after the transaction that I realized I could have simply have said "Thank you" and probably have saved a little.

@frankm I agree with you and suggest that it's the best dictatorship that money can buy, as I suspect the savviest donors donate to get their interests represented regardless of the party in power.

@macgenie This is such a relief to see that others struggle here, too. I can be good with capture and logging, but try as I might, I have failed to excel at review and planning.

@hollyhoneychurch Thank you for the encouragement!

@dominikhoecht In some senses, as a person with ADHD, that's part of what worries me. ;) However, I'm grateful for the encouragement. Thank you very much!

@patrickrhone This is excellent advice. Thank you for sharing!

@seansharp I've been using Reeder for years because of the design, the ability to customize the article view, integration with Evernote and Instapaper, and it has followed me from service to service as I’ve moved… when NetNewsWire supports Inoreader, I'll audit my decision.

@simonwoods Thanks for the Daygram mention. I mean to journal more often, but have been really poor about doing. I like the simple timestamp mechanism and the simple iCloud backup.

@hjalm Sad, but so true.

@simonwoods I had quite an adventure all starting because I started researching the name "Quorra," which I heard as "Cora," and ended up at "Kore."

@patrickrhone @dgreene196 …But if there was good WiFi and access to your library's online collection…?

@jw Don't discount a faulty pointing device?

@simonwoods Yes. I do. The post about @miraz inspired some updates on my published site.

@manton I like it for the backup. I lost my library once due to profound operator error (my own) and a backup strategy that was not complete. iTunes Match helped my to fill in some significant gaps. Most of my streaming is from my own library

@scoblitz You are correct, sir

@patrickrhone He should be here.

@macgenie That is a tremendous resource. You shined a light on a great set of tools. Thank you.

@macgenie Boy, I just researched and found something I hope is similar to the work you described. That is a fantastic mirror to look into.

@JohnPhilpin Those are deeply formative words for me, and a promise that will take the best of us to deliver.

@petebrown I learned a new thing today about my phone. I like it. Thank you.