@Moondeer I was a 21-year-old living paycheck-to-paycheck, working at a record store when this was released. Good times!

@pimoore @otaviocc most of my friends had Atari and got the arcade games I coveted. Then I watched Coleco get better versions of all the games. I did get the voice synthesizer module but lost the bug for a long while and the whole world shifted to Nintendo it seemed

@ronguest Setup is something I still enjoy very much. This time I noticed the really small bezel around the display, and The Notch. Didn’t really do a lot on this one so can’t speak to new keyboard or perception of speed. One day.

@zorn Out of curiosity, I know in a short format post you can't go into detail, have you tried removing power from the monitor for 30 seconds or a minute? Sometimes that hardware needs a "reboot" too

@patrickrhone @ericmwalk @otaviocc @odd @pimoore @ronguest Thank you all for your kind thoughts! At this point, I suppose I'm lucky in that it's the first time I've been sick with anything since the lock down. But embarrassing if I've let my guard down too much. Have been vaccinated but not boosted. So far Tylenol is helping manage the aches, and cough drops with the coughing. And I'm sleeping more than I would ordinarily.

@odd Discouragingly, all of the above. I’m not a touch typist and especially in chat, I type my thoughts quickly and fire them off before I lose them. And then I see what my fingers executed relative to what I intended.

@hjalm The good ones are still good, though today I might take a more measured approach to quantity.